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Vegan Outreach in 2010 and matching donation opportunity

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  • Brian Grupe
    Friends, Vegan Outreach has had a very productive semester of college outreach in the bay area: Since July 1st, activists have distributed 18,355 brochures at
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      Vegan Outreach has had a very productive semester of college outreach in the bay area:  Since July 1st, activists have distributed 18,355 brochures at 34 schools.  Well over a dozen concerts were leafleted and thousands more booklets were distributed at the Warped Tour, the summer’s hottest (pun intended!) tour for teenagers.  All in all, since July 1st, 148,173 brochures have been distributed in California!


      Recent UC Berkeley graduate Jeni Haines, who was the president of the animal rights group there, embarked on a month long tour to Utah and Colorado and distributed 11,729 brochures at 22 schools.


      SAR (Sacramento Animal Rights) distributed 1,863 leaflets at two colleges.  Congrats to Camilla for still finding time to leaflet while caring for her new vegan baby!


      Despite dealing with a back/neck injury, I managed to distribute 12,139 brochures at 27 schools and 16 concerts.


      On a related not: Recently, Bon Apetit*, which manages thousands of university food accounts, found that since 2006 the number of collegiate vegetarians has increased by 50%.  They also found that the number of vegans has more than doubled…. That’s a 100% increase in college vegans!  No doubt, the consistent, practical, person-to-person outreach of Vegan Outreach volunteers and employees across the nation has played a big role in this change.  Since 2006 1,775 unique U.S. schools have been leafleted 11,976 times by Vegan Outreach activists reaching 4,654,380 students!


      All of this amazing work would not be possible without the generous donations of Vegan Outreach supporters.  Several donors have pooled together $150,000 to be matched dollar for dollar until the new year.  We are very close to reaching that goal.  Please consider donating to Vegan Outreach and help us continue to create a brighter future for animals.  Donations can be made here: http://www.veganoutreach.org/about/donate.html


      For more information about Vegan Outreach visit: http://www.veganoutreach.org/


      For more information on our college outreach visit: http://adoptacollege.org/


      If you’d like to leaflet in 2011 please message me privately.


      Happy new year!  Let’s make 2011 a good one.



      I’ll leave you with the words of one of Vegan Outreach’s most famous supporters:


      I support Vegan Outreach because of their single-minded focus on saving
      as many animals as possible from the horrors of modern agribusiness.
      Every day, Vegan Outreach strives to be more efficient and effective; every day,
      Vegan Outreach activists are out there, creating real, lasting change.
      —Rory Freedman, coauthor of Skinny Bitch



      Brian Grupe
      Northern California Outreach Coordinator
      Vegan Outreach

      Please visit: www.adoptacollege.org

      *The article can be viewed here: http://www.philly.com/philly/restaurants/20101014_Meatless_eating_is_hot_on_Philadelphia_college_campuses.html

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