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Grist interview with Jonathan Safran Foer, author of “Eating Animals”

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  • MaryR
    http://www.grist.org/article/2009-11-23-jonathan-safran-foer-talks-with-grist-eating-animals Good interview. Here s the intro: If you re a meat eater, don t
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      Good interview. Here's the intro:

      If you're a meat eater, don't read Jonathan Safran Foer's new book Eating Animals. Unless, that is, you are a meat eater curious about the health of your body, the planet, or the animals you consume.

      The acclaimed author of "Everything is Illuminated" and "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close," Foer, has been an on-again, off-again vegetarian since age nine when his herbivore babysitter explained to him why she wasn't eating chicken.

      Years later, as a first-time father-to-be, Foer set out on a three-year journey to learn where the meat that we eat comes from. The result is "Eating Animals."

      But Foer isn't the only one doing the talking. An animal activist and factory farmer have monologues, along with a vegan who builds slaughterhouses and a vegetarian rancher, among others. Then he weaves their stories into his own philosophical ponderings about the morality of supporting an industry that has produced some sickening statistics of late.

      But wherever you fall on this issue—staunch meatetarian, longtime vegan, or back and forth vegetarian like Foer himself—you won't look at the meat industry in the same way again—and you might even find yourself advocating for changes.

      Foer talked with Grist about his book, why environmentalists haven't done enough to address meat, and his Thanksgiving dinner.
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