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Don't want to gather signatures? Volunteer in other ways! WORK PARTY TONIGHT!

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  • Nora Kramer HC
    Hello good people! We in California are lucky to be able to be part of one of the most significant campaigns to help animals that the animal protection
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      Hello good people!

      We in California are lucky to be able to be part of one of the most significant campaigns to help animals that the animal protection movement has ever engaged in. By outlawing battery cages, gestation crates, and veal crates in California, not only will we protect 20 million animals each year from tremendous suffering daily in conditions where they cannot even turn around, we will also continue and strengthen the national movement against the worst abuses on factory farms! Years from now, I am confident we will look back on this campaign as a catalyst for huge reforms in the way animals on farms are treated around the country.

      As you all know, we are gathering a tremendous number of signatures for this effort and need 650,000 before we're through. In order to save money for the second phase of the campaign--commercials and outreach--we are gathering signatures as an all-volunteer effort and need as many people as possible to gather as much as possible. But we also have other needs. These are great ways for you to help if you don't want to do public signature gathering or if you are not a registered CA voter (and therefore can't gather signatures without partnering with someone who is)--or if you *are* gathering signatures and want to do more!

      Every Tuesday and Wednesday evening for the next several months, we will be having a work party in our office in downtown San Francisco from 5:30-9pm. We need help making packets, sorting petitions, writing mailing labels, stamping and sealing envelopes, phonebanking volunteers, researching events, and more! We'll always have some yummy food too! (Feel free to bring some:)

      COME TO OUR WORK PARTY TONIGHT OR TOMORROW NIGHT! This is also a great chance to pick up materials, to meet other great people, and to learn more about the campaign.

      If you would like to come tonight or tomorrow, please email me and I will let you know our address and the phone number to call when you get here. We are in a secure building with a secure elevator, so we are protecting this privacy as well. We are very near public transportation, by Union Square.

      There are also other ways to volunteer. They include:
      -Researching good events and locations to gather signatures. Some ideas include festivals, dog parks, health food stores, malls, outside concerts, etc.
      -Compiling info in a user-friendly way in a yahoo calendar or google spreadhseet.
      -Requesting donations of food for our work parties or gift certificates as rewards for our 1000 Club volunteers (people who gather 1000 signatures during the campaign).
      -Publicizing the campaign. (I can email you a flier you can print up and distribute everywhere about it, or mail you flyers if you know you can distribute them.)
      -Finding or creating opportunities for us to speak or promote the campaign in different venues, such as at your workplace, an organization you volunteer with, etc.
      -Coordinating and scheduling other volunteers to gather signatures.
      -Telling everyone you know about the campaign! Try to get others who care about animals to collect signatures or volunteer in the ways listed here.
      -Providing free photocopying service.
      -Donating money, which you can do through our website at www.humanecalifornia.org <http://www.humanecalifornia.org> .

      Thanks to all of you for caring about animals!

      Please let me know if you can come tonight or tomorrow!


      Nora Kramer
      Bay Area Coordinator
      Californians for Humane Farms
      www.HumaneCalifornia.org <http://www.humanecalifornia.org/>
      415-722-0952 <mailto:nora@...>

      Interested in taking action online to help animals? Then join our online community! Go to http://humanesociety.org/join
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