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California leafleting report: 8/27-9/2

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  • Victor Tsou
    This past week, 14,083 copies of Vegan Outreach material were distributed at 14 events across California. Eleven schools and three concerts in three different
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2007
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      This past week, 14,083 copies of Vegan Outreach material
      were distributed at 14 events across California. Eleven schools and three
      concerts in three different cities were covered by nine individuals. See the
      list at the end of the email for the specifics.

      There were many inspiring stories this week. Sue Rattenbury
      related an encounter at Solano Community College, showing the dedication of
      people to veganism once they learn about the horrific lives of farmed animals:
      “A young woman said she was mostly veg, but had to eat eggs. We talked about
      egg production. She changed her mind and became very excited that she could
      give up eggs. She could not physically cook for herself, but could instruct her
      caregivers to do it for her and could use the Internet to find recipes.”

      Our work intersects, building on each other, reinforcing the
      message that eating meat, dairy and eggs contributes to unnecessary cruelty.
      One woman at the Beyonce concert asked us if we knew Colleen Patrick-Goudreau
      (of Compassionate Cooks); she wanted extra copies of literature to distribute
      at church.

      Outreach is like this; no matter where we are, we can do our
      part to educate those in the circle around us about veganism. As people hear
      this message again and again over time, eventually they will experience the
      aha! moment and end their participation in these exploitive industries. Just as
      we save lives every time we choose not to eat meat, egg and dairy products, we
      can save lives in every part of our day by actively talking to everybody we meet
      about veganism.

      I am leafleting throughout Northern California. If you would
      like to join this ongoing education effort, contact me and I'll let you know
      when I'll be in your area. Or, if you'd like to strike out on your own, contact
      me and I'll give you all the information you need to get started. I hope to
      hear from you; only when we all wield our personal power and speak up against
      oppression will there be meaningful change for the lives of non-human animals.
      Together, we can effect great change in this world in this lifetime.

      Thank you to the many people who chose to do this work this
      week. This was a big week of outreach and, through your efforts, many people
      were given the chance to say “no” to the exploitation of animals.

      Victor Tsou

      Vegan Outreach



      Pasadena City College (Pasadena) – 1,800 EI – Stewart S

      San Jose State University (San Jose) – 2,600 EI – Miranda R,
      Victor Tsou

      Sheldon High (Sheldon) – 96 EI – Brian G

      UC Hastings (San Francisco) – 550 EI + 210 WV – Sue


      San Diego State University (San Diego) – 2,050 EI – Stewart

      San Francisco State University (San Francisco) – 2,100 EI –
      Miranda R, Victor Tsou


      Laguna Creek High (Elk Grove) – 100 EI – Brian G

      Solano Community College (Suisun City) – 200 EI – Sue

      Sonoma State University (Rohnert Park) – 625 EI – Victor


      Cal State Fullerton (Fullerton) – 325 WV – Stewart S

      Mills College (Oakland) – 77 EI – Sue Rattenbury


      Beyonce (Oakland) – 750 EI – Anonymous, Miranda R, Victor


      40th Anniversary Summer of Love (San Francisco) –
      600 EI + 300 TV – Ari N, Nora K

      Family Values Tour (Los Angeles) – 1,700 EI – Stephanie S,
      Stewart S

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