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      You don't have to commit to being a campaign volunteer, you're just
      showing your support. Fast and easy.


      - Rob

      Animal Rights
      Submitted by kucinich.us on Thu, 2006-11-16 14:22.

      Animal Welfare | Issue Overview

      As a necessary component of the living world, we must extend
      compassion to one another and to every living thing. Our mission as
      human beings can truly be to elevate this world from a condition of
      suffering and cruelty to the planet's creatures, and towards a
      condition of compassion and inherent respect. Through elevating the
      cause of every creature, we elevate our own humanity.

      We lift up the cause of humanity by reaching out and connecting with
      all things living. It is our sense of interconnection with all
      living things that brings us to respect the rights of animals; to
      understand that animals are not to be "lower than"; that animals
      should not have less of a claim to existence, less of a claim to the
      possibility of survival, less of a claim to dignity.

      Every one of us knows a story of animal cruelty; every one of us
      knows how in one way or another official policies have sanctioned
      cruelty to animals. I am working to put compassion into action in
      our policies with respect to animals in this country and to have
      America set a higher standard, not only for this country, but for
      the world; to make sure that all of God's creatures, that all
      animals are given a chance to have dignity in our society and are
      given a chance to experience the appreciation they should have as
      living beings.

      I would include advocacy of animal rights in the Department of
      Peace, which I have already proposed to Congress. This cabinet-level
      department would work with, and offer an alternative to, the Defense
      Department. There have been numerous studies that have suggested a
      link between animal cruelty and domestic violence. The Department of
      Peace would not only seek to resolve international conflicts with
      nonviolent means, but also seek to instill a peaceful paradigm into
      the hearts of all the people of the world, so that one day war will
      be an archaic relic of a time that has passed.

      My farm policy favors independent and family-owned farms. I support
      a national ban on packer ownership of livestock, and numerous new
      incentives for farmers to convert to sustainable and organic farming
      and ranching techniques. The vision of the meat that we consume
      coming from happy and healthy free-range animals can become more of
      a reality, as opposed to the inhumane conditions that the often
      mutated chickens and cows and pigs are forced to sustain in our
      current system.

      As a member of Congress, I have cosponsored every piece of major
      animal protection legislation. In addition, I hold the distinction
      of being the only vegan in Congress. I made this lifestyle change
      many years ago, because I consider all life on our Earth to be
      sacred. As a vegan, I choose not to eat any animals or animal
      products. I strive to live my life in accordance with my
      convictions, and any other choice of diet would defy my ideals and,
      in my judgment, be hypocritical.
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