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East Bay Animal Advocates November 29, 2006 E-News

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    To subscribe to the e-newsletter of East Bay Animal Advocates, visit: http://www.mailermailer.com/x?oid=17452d ... East Bay Animal Advocates November 29, 2006
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      To subscribe to the e-newsletter of East Bay Animal Advocates,
      visit: http://www.mailermailer.com/x?oid=17452d


      East Bay Animal Advocates
      November 29, 2006 Issue


      Get Active: Stop Battery Cage Cruelty & Adopt-A-Lunardi's Store

      Our new 'Lunardi's Abuse' leaflets are hot-off-the-press and
      ready for distribution! Join the campaign by adopting a
      Lunardi's store near you. It's simple. First, select a store
      location. Second, email info@... with your
      store selection and personal mailing address. Third, EBAA will
      send you free leaflets and help you promote your outreach at

      Select a Lunardi's store location:


      12/5 Special Lecture & Book Signing - "Surviving the Next
      Pandemic: Bird Flu and Other Emerging Infectious Diseases"

      Leading public health authorities now predict as inevitable a
      pandemic of influenza, triggered by bird flu and expected to
      lead to millions of deaths around the globe. The influenza virus
      has existed for millions of years as an innocuous intestinal
      virus of wild ducks. What turned a harmless waterborne duck
      virus into a killer? In an engaging multimedia presentation, Dr.
      Michael Greger traces the human role in the evolution of this
      virus. In the face of the coming pandemic, Dr. Greger reveals
      what we can do to protect our families and what human society to
      can do to reduce the likelihood of such potential catastrophes
      in the future.

      Attend this free event in Oakland next week:


      New Online Report about Rabbit Meat Cruelty

      Despite being one of the most popular companion animals in the
      country, rabbits are among the most exploited. Domestic rabbits �
      cherished for their playful, gentle natures � are skinned for
      their fur, blinded to test cosmetics, bred for show, drugged in
      the name of science, clipped for wool products, pulled out of
      magicians� hats, killed in vivisection labs, sold as food for pet
      snakes, and raised and shipped by breeders motivated only by
      profit. To add insult to all this injury, we chop off their paws
      and tout the rabbit�s foot as a �good luck� charm.

      Read the full article by Mark Hawthorne:


      Do You Shop at Whole Foods Market in Berkeley?

      The Berkeley Whole Foods Bag Donation Program is proudly
      supporting East Bay Animal Advocates. If you bring in your own
      bag(s) for your groceries, Whole Foods will donate 5 cents to
      EBAA. It's an easy way to support animal protection. The store is
      located at 3000 Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California.

      Donate to EBAA next time you shop:


      East Bay Animal Advocates
      P.O. Box 1406
      Martinez, CA 94553
      (925) 487-4419
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