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National Andronico’s Fax-In Tomorrow

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  • christine@eastbayanimaladvocates.org
    National Andronico’s Fax-In Tomorrow On Wednesday, August 30th, send a free fax to Andronico’s corporate headquarters at
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      National Andronico�s Fax-In Tomorrow

      On Wednesday, August 30th, send a free fax to Andronico�s corporate
      headquarters at http://www.local-impact.org//current.html#andronicos.

      Andronico's Market, a grocery chain in the San Francisco Bay Area, says
      it is "committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry" but is
      selling eggs from chickens confined in battery cages. Other local
      retailers, including Whole Foods Market, have already adopted policies
      to carry only cage-free eggs. Visit the website above to send a fax to
      Andronico's president, Bill Andronico, demanding that his company adopt
      a cage-free egg policy.

      Learn more about Andronico�s support of animal abuse at


      East Bay Animal Advocates
      P.O. Box 1406
      Martinez, CA 94553
      (925) 487-4419
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