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worth reading - "Company comes up with 'hybrid' hamburger (AP)"

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    Company comes up with hybrid hamburger By JIM SALTER, AP Business Writer Tue Jun 27, 9:27 PM ET What s a health-conscious burger lover to do? The real thing
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      Company comes up with 'hybrid' hamburger

      By JIM SALTER, AP Business Writer
      Tue Jun 27, 9:27 PM ET

      What's a health-conscious burger lover to do? The real thing tends
      to have too many calories and too much fat, but meatless burgers
      seem to lack the flavor and consistency of real beef.

      St. Louis-based Solae LLC has come up with a solution, a patent-
      pending invention called SoleCina that involves both the process and
      the ingredients to produce either a "hybrid" meat — part soy, part
      real meat — or a completely meatless food that tastes like chicken,
      beef, pork or turkey.

      The company said both versions taste — and feel to the mouth — much
      like real meat, but are much healthier. For example, a hybrid burger
      dubbed the "Better Burger" by Solae has two-third the calories and
      half the fat and saturated fat as a burger of comparable size.

      SoleCina has been in the works for a decade. Details were introduced
      this week at a gathering of food scientists and technologists in
      Orlando, Fla.

      Solae is a $1 billion food innovation company that specializes in
      soy protein — the company has more than a 50 percent share of the
      world's isolated soy protein food ingredient market. It makes soy-
      based ingredients found in hundreds of grocery store products,
      including food bars, beverages, snacks and meatless alternatives.

      Solae is not saying which manufacturers will use the technology, but
      products using SoleCina are expected to be on the market by the end
      of the year.

      "This is a game-changing innovation with the potential to greatly
      enhance how our customers satisfy changing consumer needs," Solae
      President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Arnold said.

      SoleCina converts a blend of vegetable and meat protein into a meat
      substitute or hybrid with the consistency of cooked, whole-muscle
      meat, said Jonathan McIntyre, Solae's vice president of research and

      "You would be hard-pressed to take a look at this product and have
      any idea it's anything other than what you're used to in a cutlet, a
      flank steak, that type of product," McIntyre said. "You get the
      chewiness and mouth-feel quality."

      You also get a healthier meal. McIntyre said soy is the only plant-
      based protein with a protein quality equal to that of meat, milk and
      eggs. It is also rich in iron and vitamin B, and is cholesterol free.

      Marcia Mogelonsky, senior research analyst for the market research
      firm Mintel International in Chicago, said Solae's product could be
      a boost for the meat substitute industry that has stagnated in
      recent years.

      "There are a lot of people who try to cut back on meat," Mogelonsky
      said. "Just think — if half your meat is soy, you can have twice as
      many portions.

      "But the biggest problem with soy has always been taste and the
      mouth feel. If they've really overcome that, they've come a long


      On the Net:

      Solae LLC: http://www.solae.com

      Mintel International: http://www.mintel.com

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