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Future of Food Movie at Crest next Thursday

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  • Ken Jaffe
    March 31st Profound Movie and Public Gathering to Learn about What Is Radically Changing the Food We Eat TODAY The Future of Food: A Movie How much do you
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2005
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      Our forebearers migrated from Euroope to America for freedom, civil rights, and the right to choose their own future

      March 31st

      Profound Movie and Public Gathering
      to Learn about What Is Radically Changing the Food We Eat TODAY

      The Future of Food:  A Movie


      How much do you really know about the genetic engineering of our foods?


      ·          Did you know that genetically engineered (GE) ingredients already show up in nearly 70 % of the processed foods in our grocery stores? 

      ·          Did you know that nearly 70% of all soybeans and corn is genetically engineered?  Did you know that soy and corn are two of the most ubiquitous food additives on the planet?


      At the most simplistic level, genetic engineering allows technicians to take genes from a completely different species and mix it into the genes that control the growth and characteristics of the food we depend on for our health and survival.


      You may have assumed that our government, in its role as regulator and protector, has applied strict and lengthy scientific testing of GE foods.  Sorry.  Our government, in its infinite wisdom, relies upon large GE corporations to objectively and honestly test themselves and report to our regulatory agencies.  The corporations claim that GE food is not “substantially different” from its natural food counterparts.  Well, it doesn’t take a genius to discern that a tomato with a flounder gene is substantially different than a normally bred tomato—or that corn with starfish genes is substantially different than corn grown “home on the range”.  So we have a frightening case in society of either self-denial or outright deception regarding the implications of genetic engineering.


      European countries label their food supply so consumers know which foods contain GE ingredients.  And despite numerous polls indicating that a majority of Americans would like our food to be labeled as well, our government has denied us this right, and consequently, the right to make our own choices.


      Well-informed scientists and citizens have been fighting for more testing, more controls, and for labeling.  We’ve had little success influencing our government, which is deeply invested in corporate GE interests. 

      Someone has been missing in this fight to ensure the safety of our food.


      THE GROCERS ! ! !


      The men and women who put the food on our grocery shelves stand between us and the food suppliers.  The grocers have the relationship and the power to influence this issue by demanding accountability, proven safety, and labeling from their suppliers.  In my mind, the grocers have a responsibility to study this issue and to take responsibility to protect us as their customers and as their fellow citizens.


      YOU and the MOVIE


      Go to your grocery manager and give him/her this flyer.  Invite them to SIT WITH YOU at the showing of this movie.  Make it a date!  The movie is powerful, both visually and factually.




      ·          March 31                Crest Theater, “The Future of Foods” ($10)

      ·          6:00 p.m.                 Social Hour, with information and GE-free goody bag

      ·          7:00 p.m                                Movie Screening

      ·          8:45 p.m.                Panel Discussion with movie producer, scientist, organic farmer

      ·          9:30 p.m.                Reception with panelists (additional $10)


      As a species, we are at the turning point for the future of food—and most of us don’t even know it.  Bring your grocer.  Bring your friends.  The future is here and now.

      Sincerely,                                                  William Kenneth Now, concerned citizen and informed GE activist

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