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EBAA Action Network 2/10/2006

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    East Bay Animal Advocates Action Network February 10, 2006 ... EBAA’s New Egg Film Online In the United States, ninety-five percent of eggs are produced by
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      East Bay Animal Advocates
      Action Network
      February 10, 2006


      EBAA�s New Egg Film Online

      In the United States, ninety-five percent of eggs are produced by
      hens in battery cages which are packed into warehouses. A
      significant share of these eggs come from California. EBAA
      released a film documenting the squalid conditions of egg-laying
      hens and is encouraging people to see for themselves where their
      eggs come from.

      Watch our new film:


      The Urban Chicken Phenomenon

      Courtesy of Foster Farms, Emery was deemed to become one of the
      many �all natural� chicken breast fillets found in the frozen
      food aisle of a local Safeway. However, in a string of luck, this
      plump rooster made an unusual detour from the normal life of a
      bird raised for meat. One warm August night, rescuers with East
      Bay Animal Advocates discovered the disabled four week-old
      broiler at a factory farm.

      Read the full story:


      Advocate Focus: Emily Ziebell

      Meet EBAA's new Author Advocacy Group coordinator, Emily Ziebell.
      Emily has been involved with animal activism since 2003, when she
      moved to the Bay Area from Wisconsin. "Moving to California and
      getting involved with animal activism was the best thing that
      ever happened in my life", she says. "I am the happiest I have
      ever been, and helping animals is what I'm meant to do." Emily is
      an Adoption Counselor at the Berkeley Humane Society. She lives
      in Oakland with her 3 cats, Smokey, Gretchen, and Bobby.

      Join the Author Advocacy Group:


      Ask Gorton's to help stop whaling

      With total annual sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars,
      Gorton's is the market leader in frozen seafood products in the
      US. In 2001, Gorton's was sold to its current owner, Nissui USA,
      for US $175 million. Nissui USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
      Nissui, Japan's second-largest marine products firm, which is a
      major shareholder of the company that owns Japan's whaling fleet.

      Take action today:


      East Bay Animal Advocates
      P.O. Box 1406
      Martinez, CA 94553
      (925) 487-4419
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