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245Event details: Vegan Outreach leaflet @ Franz Ferdinand show this Thursday

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  • rmchiles1
    Mar 20, 2006
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      Hi everyone,

      Here's the scoop on Franz Ferdinand/Death Cab for Cutie: The event
      is being held this Thursday, March 23rd. We're going to meet in
      front of the Memorial Auditorium (1515 J st, between 15th and 16th,
      downtown) @ 11:30pm.

      The show starts @ 8pm and there's a total of 3 bands playing, so
      meeting @ 11:30pm ought to give us plenty of time to divide
      literature, etc. Hopefully we won't be out *too* late past

      Should be GREAT leafletting; everyone comes out of one exit, and
      there's public sidewalks that we can distribute from if need be.
      Don't forget to bring a backpack for literature.

      Hope to see you there! Pls RSVP by Wednesday, if possible.

      for the animals,

      cell: 916-583-0809