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Re: Belts and info for Atlas/Craftsman 6 inch lathe

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  • gene lucas
    Tom, Here s a little more info on the Atlas/Craftsman 6 inch lathe. (Hoping this one gets thru yahoo groups!) I also have an Atlas/Craftsman 6 inch lathe. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2005
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      Here's a little more info on the Atlas/Craftsman 6 inch lathe. (Hoping
      this one gets thru yahoo groups!)
      I also have an Atlas/Craftsman 6 inch lathe. I don't remember right now
      where I got my replacement drive belt(s)-- years ago -- those are
      standard Vee-belts, but of the smaller size/width. You will have to
      dismantle the headstock/shaft and back gears and the countershaft
      pulleys to remove and replace the headstock drive belt, unfortunately.
      Atlas Press Co. was bought up by Clausing many years ago.
      Clausing Industrial still has some replacement parts, but you won't like
      the prices.
      Atlas Service Bulletins
      Surprisingly, the Sears Parts Center still has a full listing of all the
      parts for the 6 inch lathe models, and the drive belts are still there.
      But you gotta know the Sears Model Number!!
      The Sears Model No. for the older 6 inch Atlas/Craftsman lathe with the
      rounded cast pulley housing is: 101.21400
      That is the model I have. There is a newer 1981 model which has a
      squared off pulley housing, which is very similar for most of the
      parts. The new one is finished in blue paint, the older model is grey.
      The older model has an exposed countershaft and motor assy., while the
      newer model has the motor pulley and belt covered by a squared off cast
      housing. You can download the parts illustrations and lists from the
      Sears Parts web pages. I can send that to you as an electronic file
      (off line).
      The headstock belt is part no. 92 on page 3 of the parts illustration,
      see the exploded view of the headstock and back gear assembly. (see the
      attached file I have put together).
      Headstock belt is part no. M6-127A (I believe this is the same part
      no. as the old Atlas list) Sears 3L350 BLT $4.99
      Motor pulley belt is part no. L9-125 Sears 3L210 BLT $8.67
      The width of these V-belts is about 3/8 inch, and I think the Sears part
      no. reflects the length.....
      A local supplier should be able to help, provided you have the old one
      as a sample for length.
      There is a Yahoo group for Atlas metalworking machines
      Here is a web site with lots of info on the various Atlas lathe models
      I have a copy of the original manual, and there are web pages that have
      lots of info on the Atlas lathes.
      I will hunt that up and send it. I can also make a Xerox copy of the
      manual for you.
      Gene Lucas
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