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Re: [valley_area_gamers] Pathfinder in 2011

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  • Matt Harris
    Ok - the background is up. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13392946/Speaks%20With%20Wind/index.html Matt Harris matt_j_harris@yahoo.com ICQ: 1656005
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      Ok - the background is up.


      Matt Harris
      ICQ: 1656005

      On 12/14/2010 9:40 AM, Ron Johnson wrote:
      Meeting an air elemental would have been possible.  Of course not everyone would believe your story. 
      Let me know if this works for you.  Feel free to build on this.
      You have been the Shaman's assistant from a very early age and he considers you his most promissing student.  If it where up to him he would choose you as his succsessor.  Unfortunately the tribal elders and much of the tribe would rather see the honor go to Born-Under-Stars.  You and the Shaman know he lacks your aptitude but he has the good fortune of having been born during a meteor shower.
      One day the Shaman tells you that you must leave the tribe on an important quest and that you are destined for things greater than the tribe.  Part of you wonders if he is just trying to avoid the potential conflict.  Regardless of his intentions conflict is avoided and while the preparations are being made to induct Stars as the new shaman, you are given a heroes send-off.  The tribe gives you many gifts to help you on your journey.  (500 Gold Pieces worth of gifts to be exact.)
      Yep I guess I did mean Cohort but if you want a Consort that can work too.
      While reading the pathfinder books I was very pleased with the new half orc race and the fact that not only where they were not automatiacally saddled with charisma penalties.  (How are you supposed to intimidate anyone when you have a low charisma) but shared the humans single floating stat bonus.  It seemed like the half orc was finally going to become a formidable option as a caster.


      From: Matt Harris <matt_j_harris@...>
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      I have had the following concept running around my brain since the APG came out. Not sure how well it fits the campaign, as the character has to have met an air elemental.

      Anyway, the (high) concept:

      Speaks-With-Wind is a half-orc air elementalist from a nomadic tribe who learned his magic from an air elemental that he encountered as a child.  That would be how the character got his name.

      I am thinking to fit the low magic concept, Speaks-With-Wind would probably have been the only one to see the air elemental and certainly wouldn't have seen any other things out of the ordinary.

      Sponsor would be tribal elders, shaman, or possibly the air elemental.

      BTW - Presumably you mean cohort, instead of consort?

      On 12/13/2010 8:48 PM, Ron Johnson wrote:

      Hey Matt,
      Good to hear from you.  No problem if you need to bow out and move to Irvine.  I have two other responses already from Pen and Paper and a Meetup Group.  Not bad for the first 24 hours.

      The world will be fairly mundane (low magic) You have heard stories of dragons and giants and such but if anyone you know claims to have seen one you probably don;t believe them.  You can be a caster but you wouldn't expect to meet many others.

      Anything in the Core Rulebook or Advanced Player Guide.  If there are any feats from any 3.5 splat books that you are really interested in let me know and I will see if they can be incorporated

      Make a 2nd level character with a 25 point buy.  Maximum hit points.500 Gold for equipment. No magic other than scrolls or potions.  (If you have the feat to create them yourself they are half price.)
      At 4th level this character will get the leadership feat for free.

      For a back story come up with some sort of sponsor.  A lord, priest, guild leader, chieftain, uncle etc...  Someone you respect who will be sending you on a quest.  Someone you have some amount of respect for to follow his orders at least for the time being.  You don;t need to be lawful for this.

      You can also create a few first level characters with 15 point buys and max hit points if you like.  Max normal starting gold.  These are characters that may pop up at some time.  Maybe you want to hire someone or something.  Maybe a future consort.  These aren't required but they may come in handy at some point.  One house rule is consorts don't have to travel with you to gain xp.  They will level regardless of whether they travel with you or not.

      I hope you will be able to join

      From: Matt Harris <matt_j_harris@...>
      To: valley_area_gamers@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, December 12, 2010 11:36:07 PM
      Subject: Re: [valley_area_gamers] Pathfinder in 2011


      On 12/12/2010 9:40 PM, LordJulius42 wrote:

      I know there hasn't been much activity here lately but in case there are still readers.
      Pathfinder fizzled out for me last year while my wife and I went house hunting.  We are now settled down in Northridge and I am looking to get a pathfinder game going for real this time.
      Alternate Fridays in Northridge starting January 7th. I am thinking about 7:00 PM to Midnightish. We have lots of room, decent parking, cats and nonsmoking. I am 44 and began playing back in 1980. The last campaign I ran lasted over a year, so this could be a long game. Reply here or e-mail lordjulius42 @ yahoo.com

      It is a little farther, but still doable for me. On the downside, I might have to move down to the Irvine area in 2011 for work reasons, so I would be questionable long-term. 

      Matt Harris
      ICG: 1656005

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