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Re: [vacuumcoffeepotcollector] Yerba Mate

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    Thanks Larry for the info on boiling . Happy to know I m not boiling it. I do know that if I leave the pot on low with the tea in it, it starts to get a
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      Thanks Larry for the info on "boiling". Happy to know I'm not boiling it. I do know that if I leave the pot on low with the tea in it, it starts to get a little "cooked"....I just bought a Knapp on Ebay and haven't used it yet. Yes I saw some of the photos of the glass pots and there are some real beauties. I do want to try a glass pot. I understand that all the Royal families use glass, so I guess there must be something to it....And if it's good enough for them, well,,,,,,,,so I'll get one soon. I do love those beautiful Ruby glass pots.....Mary

      Larry Hollenberg <larryhollenb@...> wrote:

      I believe what your equating with boiling is acutally
      the air coming up from the lower pot that makes the
      water, "boil". If you measure the temperature it it
      below boiling. One think thats some peoples opinion
      is that the sunbeam used a very hot burner, 1200 watts
      and it is said to cause a slight scorch to coffee when
      it drops back down into the bottom pot, which in the
      sunbeam is empty of all water when its working. The
      knapp monarch and the cory automatics both use
      considerably less electric and not quite to hot, or as
      fast. The corys are sometimes touchy about the
      automatic thermostats and may not shut off soon
      enough, or too soon. But then so can the Sunbeams. I
      think I disposed of several of them for coming up and
      then stopping without brewing. That would be one
      reason to have a manual glass model, you control the
      heat. You can add hot water at the start to the lower
      pot if it wants to raise to quickly and leave you with
      tepid water, which sometimes happens depending on the
      pot, and burner temperature. The metal pots are
      particulary bad about that, but then you probably want
      to avoid them? Both cory and farberware made
      stainless steel manual pots. Glad your having fun,
      enjoy hearing about it.


      --- RICHARD HARVEY <arkserve@prodigy. net> wrote:

      > Hello, I buy my Yerba Mate wholesale from a company
      > called Mate Factor.You can buy it here in the
      > states. I have found it in Arab Groceries and
      > hispanic bakeries.... evne an Italian one but I live
      > in New York and its one mixed puddle here.......It
      > can be bought on line and in Health Food
      > Stores...... ...Thereis a brand called Guyaki....Its
      > fermented... kind of smokey but not my first choice.
      > I like Green Organic Mate and the MATE FACTOR
      > company has that....I get 5 1/2 pounds for about
      > $35.00...... ....Its more in the health food
      > stores....However the non organic version that I've
      > bought in bakeries and Arabic Grocery Stores is much
      > much cheaper....Its good but not as Good as the
      > green organic..... .....If you do a search online for
      > Yerba Mate you'll find it and lots of
      > information. ...It also cuts appetite.... ....because
      > it has such a high nutritional
      > content..... ........Now it works totally perfect in
      > my Sunbeam vacuum...... ....I use 6
      > tablespoons. ........I like it
      > strong...... ...I also reuse the leaves a second
      > time adding 4-5 tbs. the second time and tha works
      > fine........ ...You can have it plain or with milk,
      > cream and sugar....... .or it makes a very nice chai
      > which I have also done in my Sunbeam....adding
      > powdered ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon,
      > cardamon.... .which is also good......They also sell
      > various versions, with mint, orange, chocolatte mate
      > (pretty good)....... ....I have also added
      > coco........ I used to make it in a French Press but
      > the Sunbeam is my favorite and its one of the things
      > that has brought a little more joy into our
      > lives....is putting on that pot in the
      > morning..... .......Nowmy husband mixed a very
      > expensive green tea in with it one morning I didn't
      > care for it buthe loved it.......... ..Because the
      > water seems to keep boiling a bit on the top it
      > might be too hot for Green Tea because I know the
      > water shouldn't be boiling for green
      > tea......... ...probably notfor my green mate either
      > but it tastes soooo
      > good........ .Mar
      > "LJ Swiech (Vigodits)" <vigodits@yahoo. com> wrote:
      > Hello Mary
      > I too am a new member and not a coffee drinker. I
      > was intrigued by your description of Yerba Mate
      > having never heard of it. Sounds interesting.
      > Can you enlighten me?
      > Is it available for purchase here?
      > How is it brewed?
      > How is it consumed. Plain? Cream and sugar?
      > Whatever?
      > The fact that it supports life is amazing!
      > Thanks.
      > Lj

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