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Re: Re: [vacpot] The pot with a headache

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  • Steven Lewis
    That sounds like a good theory. Steven ________________________________ From: zyxy34@yahoo.com To:
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 26, 2013
      That sounds like a good theory. Steven

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      Subject: RE: Re: [vacpot] The pot with a headache
      Thanks, Steven. I didn't realize there was an album devoted to these things. I'm still having a little trouble understanding what the cord that attached to the top was doing. Was it detecting a change in temperature? Maybe when the water went up, something in the lid detected the increase in temperature, and a electrical signal was sent down to the part that plugged into the stove -- which told it to reduce the amount of electricity getting to the stove -- in effect putting the stove on low heat.

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      Look in my album Silex Automatic Control (oribatids) and you will see photos of this piece of equipment. There were two versions and I have both. The first set of photos shows the older model with the green cord. The cord that went up to the control was too short to install it on an 8 cup unit or even a 4 cup unit. I assume that an owner may have shortened it for some reason. That is why it is just laid out. The second version used a special Anyheet control and a silver cord. I have it installed on a decorated Silex Delray, 8 cup. I have not tried either one. I was lucky to get the original box with each one. I also have a third without the wiring harness. These are rare, probably did not work well. I paid quite a lot for the two complete units.

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      Subject: [vacpot] The pot with a headache
      The pot with a headache -- At least that's what it looks like to me. http://baharris.org/coffee/Vintage/Silex%20Delray%20Automatic.JPG Does anyone know how it was supposed to work? Was it a later addition or did the pot come with that appurtenance? Jenny
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