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  • zyxy34
    Personally, I d like a photo of its innards (especially of the lower part) before buying. That would give me an idea of how much time I d have to spend
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       Personally, I'd like a photo of its innards (especially of the lower part) before buying. That would give me an idea of how much time I'd have to spend cleaning. But that's just me. Let us know how it works out if you buy it. Good luck.

      And on another subject -- is there a manual on servicing Coffee Robots or adjusting their temperature? I'm only finding 8 "files" with Yahoo's new system, none of which apply to Coffee Robots. I thought there were more manuals than that.

      I'm currently trying to tweak temperature settings on a Sunbeam C30B and C30C, and that pdf repair manual for Sunbeams that I downloaded is coming in very useful.


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      It's in good shape. A model 500 I believe. It has everything but the original filter, and I'm not sure but in other photos I've seen of one there seems to be a ring sticking up in the top glass. The seller says the gasket is good and soft but a new one would seal better. Here is the etsy link.  
      thanks for responding.

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      I suppose it would depend on the condition -- how clean it is, whether it has all its pieces, how "new" it looks, the state of the gasket...

      Prices at eBay seem to vary a lot. If this link doesn't work...


      ...you can search completed eBay listings for the keywords:

      Farberware vacuum coffee

      If you get a 500 series model, Dayseal has gaskets if you need one.

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      I'm thinking of buying a robot. There is one I've found for $68.00.  Is that a reasonable price? Also, what kind of filter do I need?
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