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Re: [vacpot] Re: Sunbeam Coffeemaster Dates of Manufacture and Model Highlights

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  • Christine Hartmann
    Wow,  this is such fabulous information, it s going in my archive.  You have saved us all potentially many hours of research and data compilation.  Thank
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 28, 2012
      Wow,  this is such fabulous information, it's going in my archive.  You have saved us all potentially many hours of research and data compilation.  Thank you!  Christine-Minneapolis

      From: John A. <kreuzueber.halbmond@...>
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      Subject: [vacpot] Re: Sunbeam Coffeemaster Dates of Manufacture and Model Highlights


      Check the Links section of the group for the Sunbeam Service Bulletins -- C20 thru C30 models. The Bulletin for the C50 is in the Files section. The C30AB is the same as the C30A except for the "Beehive" glass upper. The nameplate on the bottom has a letter "B" stamped after Model C30A. It is Korean War vintage -- 1950-53 copper restrictions time frame and came with a certificate for a replacement metal top which could be obtained from Sunbeam when its production resumed. There is misinformation on some sites about it being WWII vintage, but Sunbeam did not make appliances during the war, and the C30 models did not start until 1948. The other Sunbeam pots you mention predate the automatic Coffeemaster and I believe they were produced in the early to mid-1930's.
      John A.

      --- In vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com, "jkfrost45" <jkfrost45@...> wrote:
      > This is a great post...very informative. I have a couple of questions.
      > Do you have information on the Sunbeam C30AB - with the glass top? or is it the same as the C30A?
      > There is also a Sunbeam that looks like a tall carafe, but has a strange filter, and a burner with a handle that turns from 100 to 750. It has a creamer & sugar & tray, all with black strips around them in a couple of places. Do you know the name of this and if there is any information on it or vintage ads?
      > Also, is there a place I can read the Service Bulletins you mentioned?
      > Thank you
      > --- In vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com, "John A." <kreuzueber.halbmond@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Sunbeam Coffeemaster Dates of Manufacture and Model Highlights
      > >
      > > The following information is derived from original Sunbeam Coffeemaster Service Bulletins (No. 179-18, March 2, 1959; No. 106-12, March 1, 1958; and No. 240-18, November 1, 1960) and period advertising.
      > >
      > > Model C20 August 1938
      > > Model C20A June 1939
      > > Model C20B December 1940
      > > Model C30 June 1948
      > > Model C30A August 1949
      > > Model C30AB circa 1951-1953*
      > > Model C30B May 1953
      > > Model C30C May 1954
      > > Model C40 circa 1956*
      > > Model C50 October 1960
      > >
      > > *exact date unknown
      > >
      > > C20 Models
      > > 8 (5 oz.) cup capacity
      > > Separate, "button" type feet screwed to the Bakelite base.
      > > No handle on the upper vessel. Instead, the Bakelite rim has a finger recess, which aids in its removal.
      > > Slotted metal, chrome plated cover with Bakelite knob.
      > > Filter frame rod is threaded and tightens to the center stud in the lower vessel, which seats the rubber seal.
      > > Straight brew tube, flared at the bottom.
      > > Filter frame requires cloth filters.
      > > Model C20 differs slightly from Models C20A & C20B in regards to the switch assembly, rubber seat ring and drawstring type cloth filter.
      > > Models C20A and C20B employ a filter frame with a "slide lock" to hold flat cloth filters.
      > > Models C20 and C20A have a recess or "well" in the lower bowl.
      > > Can be retrofitted with the C30/C30A base.
      > >
      > > C30 Models
      > > Models C30, C30A, C30B are 8 (5 oz.) cup capacity, Model C30C is 10 (5 oz.) cup capacity.
      > > Large, rubber seat ring with internal spring.
      > > Handle on upper bowl.
      > > Feet are molded as part of the Bakelite base.
      > > Models C30 and C30A have a multi-slotted metal, chrome plated cover with Bakelite knob; some C30A models have an entirely Bakelite version of this cover.
      > > Models C30B and C30C have a more solid Bakelite cover with four slots.
      > > Switch lever protrudes from the base on Models C30 and C30A.
      > > Switch lever is contained within the base on Models C30B and C30C.
      > > Model C30 has a straight brew tube. Models C30A, C30B and C30C have a conical brew tube.
      > > Models C30 and C30A employ a hooked, spring tensioned filter frame with a "slide lock" to hold flat cloth filters.
      > > Models C30 and C30A are often retrofitted with various versions of a later stainless steel mesh filter system.
      > > Models C30B and C30C employ a hooked, spring tensioned filter frame with a dome strainer over stainless steel mesh or a later filter frame with a Bakelite knob, and a flat strainer plate over the stainless steel mesh.
      > > The C30 Models also differ from each other in regards to switch assemblies and heating element.
      > >
      > > Model C50
      > > 10 (5 oz.) cup capacity.
      > > Immersible
      > > O-ring type seal compressed by two plastic tab-handles and a sliding collar on the upper bowl.
      > > Control knob with orange brew light.
      > > Very little similarity to earlier models.
      > >
      > > A few observations:
      > > The patent dates listed on the Coffeemaster nameplates are often confused with dates of manufacture, and this has led to some mistaken assumptions about the age of the different Coffeemaster models. For instance, there were no Coffeemasters manufactured during World War II. Sunbeam stopped production for the duration and did not offer the Coffeemaster again until late 1945, and when they did, it was the C20B until 1948. The Model C30AB with the glass "beehive" upper bowl, which many assume is World War II vintage, was actually offered in the early 1950's. A world shortage of copper and fears about the Korean conflict led the National Production Authority, operating under the Defense Production Act of 1950, to set limits on the civilian use of copper that lasted from early 1951 until 1953. Thus, Sunbeam manufactured the glass bowl for the C30A in order to continue Coffeemaster production and comply with NPA orders at the same time. By early 1953
      copper restrictions were lifted, and at Sunbeam, the C30B was born. The C30C came along one year later. Less clear are details about Model C40. Advertising indicates it was available in 1956, and it seems to be a contemporary of the C30C, only with an aluminum upper bowl. There were other, sporadic shortages of copper between 1954 and 1956, and Sunbeam may have manufactured the C40 aluminum bowl as a way to keep up production and maintain a steady price for the Coffeemaster.
      > >
      > > Perhaps others in the group could share their knowledge or experiences with the Sunbeam Coffeemaster and add to this information.
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > > John A. (iluv_vac)
      > >

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