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Re: [vacpot] First timer advise: Yama 8 Cup

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  • Dave Leonard
    The best way to keep that cloth filter nice and white is to rinse the coffee out of it and place it in a very hot cup of water with some oxygen cleaner (I use
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      The best way to keep that cloth filter nice and white is to rinse the coffee out of it and place it in a very hot cup of water with some oxygen cleaner (I use Sun Cleaner from Walmart) with a drop or two of liquid dish-washing detergent.  This acts as a dispersant and lets the Oxy cleaner spread into all the weave nicely. I have hard water and everything white turns yellow. The oxy cleaner and soap keep it nice and white. I use about 1/4 teaspoon of cleaner in a small cup. I let is sit until the next pot is ready to brew. Rinse it thoroughly before using again.

      Dave in Michigan

      Dave Leonard
      The Hurdy-Gurdy Man,

      From: Bob Snelgrove <bob@...>
      To: vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 11:02 AM
      Subject: Re: [vacpot] First timer advise: Yama 8 Cup

      Thanks to all. I read all the helpful replies and will try this weekend. It has the cloth filter for whoever asked.


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      From: Brian Helfrich
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      Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 05:00
      Subject: Re: [vacpot] First timer advise: Yama 8 Cup

      Hi Bob,

      Welcome aboard!

      I hope your loan can turn into a long term deal.

      Below I've reposted how I use my vacuum pots to make coffee. The Cory
      directions should translate directly to the Yama that you have.

      You don't need a trivet with a gas stove.

      With the Cory I have the coffee grinds in the top bowl when I put it on the
      bottom bowl with the water boiling. With the Sunbeam I put the grinds in
      the top bowl and assemble it at the start of the cycle.

      As for how fine to grind the coffee, the finer without being powdery the
      better. At work the scoop I uses claims to be 7 grams. I use 4 rounded
      scoops for 32 ounces of water, so that is probably close to what you use.

      It doesn't matter if you start with hot or cold water unless your water
      heater leaves a flavor. When a neighbor of mine replaced his ancient gas
      hot water tank with a new tankless style, they couldn't move the old tank
      because it was so heavy. It turned out over the years the tank had filled
      up with sediment (they are on a well). Needless to say that completely
      changed the taste of his brew. His gas bill went down a lot too.


      I have three pieces of hardware I use all the time for my coffee. I bought
      everything at yard sales, eBay, and antique shops. Some of the coolest
      stuff I have was also the cheapest.

      At work in cubical land I use a Sunbeam C50 with the original screen filter.
      At home I use a glass seal Cory with the Cory glass rod filter.

      I also have an old Hobart built Kitchenaid burr grinder with the glass top
      and rectangular chute door. I've found the glass rod filter is sensitive to
      powder in the grinds, yet the finer the grind the more flavor in the brew.
      Cheapo blade grinders just make too much powder and clog the glass filter.
      I keep the grinder just two clicks opened up from the plates jamming. I use
      the same grind for both pots. I have a Polar Bear glass measuring cup that
      is marked for how much coffee grinds to use per cup. It's the same amount
      of coffee that the Cory measuring scoop uses. I don't know how many grams
      that is.

      At home we have an extra water filter in sink, so I use the cold water from
      the filter. I heat the water on the gas stove with the burner flat out.
      When the water is at a rolling boil I flip the burner to low. Then I put
      the top bowl on. With the glass seal pot, I hold the top down a bit until
      the water fills the top, then I stir the coffee grinds to make sure they are
      all wet. I've measured the water temperature, it has always been in that
      sweet spot 195° - 205° F that folks have mentioned. Then I set a timer for
      5 minutes. Now I've seen recommendations for as little as 15 seconds, so
      have fun experimenting to see what you like best. I have found that the
      coffee does not turn bitter with the extra brew time - I assume it is
      because the temperature stays in the sweet spot range. Roughly 1/2 inch of
      water remains in the bottom pot. At the end of the time I turn off the
      burner. Within a couple minutes the coffee is back down in the bottom pot.

      At work, the water cooler has a hot water spigot and I use the hot water for
      the brew. The C50 does the rest. For me the C50 doesn't keep the coffee
      warm enough after the brew cycle is done. It's no big deal, I make what I'm
      going to drink right away, just like with the Cory.

      There is a slight difference in flavor with the Sunbeam, and I expect all
      the automatic pots do the same thing. The Automatic pots boil off all the
      water in the bottom pot, then heat up enough to trip the thermostat to low.
      So when the pot cools off enough for the vacuum to pull the water down, the
      base of the pot is still pretty hot. So the first bit of coffee is boiled
      off. It's really not enough to matter IMHO. Do you remember the fairy tale
      about the princess and the pea?

      I have yet to find any drip brew that comes close to the flavor of a vac
      pot. The water temperature is just too low in the drip machines and the
      grinds don't get to "blossom".


      From: "steelgtr_95127" <bob@...>
      Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 12:45 AM
      To: <vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com>
      Subject: [vacpot] First timer advise: Yama 8 Cup

      > Hi Guys
      > A friend loaned me a Yama 8 cup. We like our drip coffee strong (10 grams
      > per 5 oz)
      > We usually make 25 oz in the morning.
      > Could you give me a starting point on the Yama?
      > How fine a grind? ratio of water to coffee?
      > Brew time before removing from the heat?
      > Start with cold water?
      > Gas stove: Trivet needed?
      > thx!
      > bob
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