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Re: [vacpot] Garage sale Silex

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  • Dave Leonard
    I think the glass tastes somewhat better than metal vac pot. I had a stainless steel Nicro and gave it to a friend, as it just couldn t quite achieve what I
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      I think the glass tastes somewhat better than metal vac pot. I had a stainless steel Nicro and gave it to a friend, as it just couldn't quite achieve what I was getting with either glass or chrome plated vac pots. Glass is the ultimate vac brew.

      I'd recommend investing in a new Yama brewer for morning coffee. It's only $36 for a new one, and if you break a section, replacement parts are under $20 each. The seal on these are great, and they will fit a Cory glass rod. I actually like my 8 oz Yama better than my Cona-D Gold. It has a stronger draw-down, which is close to have the draw-down time (which is a good thing). 

      Save the antiques for special occasions or to impress guests!

      Dave in Michigan

      The Hurdy-Gurdy Man,

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      Subject: [vacpot] Garage sale Silex
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      I went to a garage sale today in Glendale CA and found a very nice Silex vacpot. With a little TLC and scrubbing, I got it to look almost perfect! I looked through the Photo section and did not see one of these. On the metal band attached to the handle and wraps around the neck are the words "Maid of Honor". It is a wide or semi-wide neck. The lower pot shows 4, 6, and 8 inside little coffee cups fill marks. The lower pot says "Silex P LW-8-H" and the upper says "Silex P UW 8". I brewed a great cup of coffee with it using a Cory glass rod. The seal is nice but came loose very easily when I removed the upper to pour a cup. Any remedies? I wrapped electrician's tape on the stainless part of the upper underneath of the rubber seal on my Nicro to solve the weak seal on it. I was thinking of doing the same for this one. Has anyone tried doing that? Is the "Postage Rubber band" fix still the best? My Nicro is my daily driver since I don't have to worry
      about groggy morning mishaps with glass. This is the second glass vacpot that I have. My other is a Kent with the full coffee set. It seems to me that the Silex makes better tasting coffee. Any info on this vacpot would be welcomed! Pictures to follow if needed. Chris

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