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Re: [vacpot] Re: Westinghouse CM-71 Instructions

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  • rsburritt@gmail.com
    I think we ll never know how these pots actually performed when they were not only brand new, but also newly manufactured. If you re lucky, every once in a
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      I think we'll never know how these pots actually performed when they were not only brand new, but also newly manufactured. If you're lucky, every once in a while a NOS (new, old stock) model will come up on ebay that someone probably bought and never used or got as a gift and never used and it sat in a pantry for 50 years. And technically, it should work somewhat like what would have been expected when it was first bought, but for how many times?
      I'm not a metallurgist but I'm inclined to think that age and atmosphere may have a slight effect on the metals in the thermostat, however slight.

      As far as used electric pots with the bi-metal thermostats, I found something interesting online which may help explain why they are so difficult to calibrate.

      The page link is below, but it's rather lengthy and dry. However, the paragraph I'm referring to is here:

      "A potential problem with fused-bimetal thermostats is contact arcing. Because the contacts slowly open and close, arcing may occur during intermediate states where contacts are close together or only lightly touching. Arcing wears out the mating surfaces of the contacts and raises contact resistance. As a result, cycle-life limits of creep-type fused-bimetal thermostats should be closely observed, especially in products where many actuations are expected."



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      Philip, Ron,
      I guess I haven't followed this thread like I should have. I also had one of these at one time. I my case it wanted to switch off just as the brew cycle began so didn't brew completely. Something I have had issues with in so many electrical vac pots. I was unable to remedy the situation.
      The most reliable units I had were usually the Knapp Monarch ones. Only one of those didn't work as it should have and use if I recall about a 400 watt element. I think too that the units that get too hot can be a problem with coffee quality.

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      Subject: [vacpot] Re: Westinghouse CM-71 Instructions
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      Thank you very much for the instructions and for sharing your

      experience. You have no idea how much help this is to me and what an

      encouragement it is. This group is really great. That includes the

      members and the content. I hope to be able to contribute as well when I

      have the ability. Soon I will have some photos of my modest group of

      vacpots to post in an album. Today I just received my first 19th Century

      piece from England. It was dumb luck.


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      > Hi Philip,


      > We have just added the Westinghouse instructions you requested to our

      photo album (Ron & Edgar's Coffee Makers). Hope this will be of some

      help to you.


      > If you check the wattage on the Westinghouse vacpot, you'll find that

      it is 1000 watts! No wonder it gets so hot, brews so vigorously and

      takes a long time for it to cool down enough for the brewed coffee to

      move down to the carafe. These units are way overpowered. It bubbles

      so forcefully that we have to put a wet paper towel over the lid to keep

      coffee and grounds from sloshing out during brewing. Ours does end the

      brewing cycle automatically but since it takes so long, we use a little

      less ground coffee than usual.


      > Ron & Edgar


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