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Bills Pots

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  • rsburritt@gmail.com
    Hi Michele, Welcome to the group! I m very sorry to hear about your late brother Bill. My heartfelt condolences to you, your mother, and Bill s wife and
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      Hi Michele,

      Welcome to the group! I'm very sorry to hear about your late brother Bill. My heartfelt condolences to you, your mother, and Bill's wife and daughters, this is a difficult time for sure. I also hope Bill's wife gets her SSI soon, as well as any other assistance she's entitled to.

      You have come to the right place to find out about your brother's collection! Our group loves to talk about vacuum pots (and other interesting coffee/tea makers...and other vintage appliances from time to time), and I'm sure that you will find great collectors here with a wealth of knowledge who would love to see Bill's collection and help you identify them!

      Just to let you know, we also have a photo gallery on the group's page on Yahoo. If you have a way of posting the photos of the pots you would like identified, that would be great. To reach the photo album, you would log into the group's homepage at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/vacuumcoffeepotcollector. Once you are on the group homepage, there is a link on the left of the main page that says Photos. From there you can create a photo album and then upload any pictures you have.

      Also to let you know, the group settings do not allow attachments (photos or anything else) to be sent directly to the group, which is what Yahoo recommends for safety/security. However, photos can always be emailed to any member individually, with their permission.

      Again thank you for the great introduction and welcome to the group!

      Roland Burritt
      Southern Utah, USA

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      I have been reading all your great words of advice that has not always
      fallen on welcome ears. I have welcome ears. I hope you will all listen to my
      dilemma it is a little long.
      My brother was a collector of Vacuum coffee pots. I hope some of you will
      have known him as all of his 50 plus pots were bought here on eBay. His eBay
      name was (edited by moderator) and his name is Bill (edited by moderator).
      I am very sad to say Bill lost a year long battle with cancer this summer.
      He was only 51 years young. He leaves behind a wife who is legally blind from
      diabetes and went through open heart surgery just before he was diagnosed. He
      has a grown daughter in college from his first marriage and A 5 year old
      daughter who started kindergarten a week after losing her Daddy. I'm telling you
      a little of his background so you can understand our families situation. Bill
      was a computer annalist in Arizona and for the first time in his adult life
      was finally successful in love and work and then he found out he had a very
      rare form of cancer. They gave him weeks to live, he beat the cancer none the
      less. Then he chose to go in for a bone marrow transplant to assure that he
      would have a better chance that it would not return. Through all of the medical
      procedures he had many setbacks and when it was time to get his transplant
      his body was just to weak and he got a tumor on his brain stem and he was gone
      in less than a week. What does this have to do with Vacuum pots you ask?
      Well we have 50 plus coffee pots that we know nothing about, like all those
      people that tell you "thanks" when you offer them help. My mother (oh I'm Bills
      sister Michele)and I have tried to research them and pulled up many of your
      ads where he bought them. Some he has taken different incomplete pots and
      bought parts for them. He has about $100 credit with eBay as they refunded some
      fees for a failed sale of a motorcycle (while he was in the hospital) His wife
      is blind and has no way to list these or anything on the computer to utilize
      these funds. My mother has the pots at her house in Arizona and has
      attempted to write ads for some of them. I on the other hand am in Missouri and am
      the person with eBay experience but no coffee pot knowledge. I teach all day
      and run an Amazon Bookstore (that he started from his hospital bed). My mother
      contacted an antique dealer in Phoenix and they did not want to deal with
      them. I suggested an auction house and she has had not luck locating one. I know
      that many of these pots are of value and his widow has no use for them. What
      we need is all of your expertise. Perhaps one of you lives in Arizona or
      would be willing to look at the information prior to listing them so we are not
      scrambling to repair incorrect ads as the clock ticks on. What is in it for
      you all can be negotiated. First these pots will be yours to view first,
      perhaps a percentage of choice of pots... we are really lost. We just need to
      sell them correctly to make as much of his investment back as his wife has gone
      from his substantial income to living on SSI (which she has not received 2
      months later). I am writing you guys because when my mom asked me to list
      these, I found your group and left a short plea for help but never heard anything,
      then today I got all these emails that show what a helpful caring group you
      are. If you reply to this email please put Bill's Pots in the subject bar so
      I don't delete it.
      Thanks (that is genuine)

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