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999Follow up on Westinghouse Vac Pot.

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  • larry hollenberg
    Nov 3, 2006
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      Hi all,

      Welcome to the newest member, I don't know who you are as yet, but I see we have one.

      I had mentioned the Westinghouse pot I recently received. And that it had run for quite
      some time before returning south.. It has a really easy acces to the controls, just remove a
      cap nut in the middle of the bottom. I was amused to see the primitive kind of thermostat
      and relays they used. However there is a second nut under the first after you take the
      cover off, and if you loosed it a bit you can turn a piece of bi-metal thats wrapped around
      the heating core. If you just shift it slightly it makes quite a difference in the running time.
      I think now instead of 5 or 6 minute it goes about 3 total.

      Several odd things about it to me were that being used to most automatics coming up to
      brew then shutting down after a bit, or thowing the swtich so to speak. This one acually
      returns the little push button start button before it comes up to brew. I thought at first it
      wasn't going to work then, but sure enough after several trys it does exactlly that. Biggest
      thing I have against it is the seal is loose and I had to deal with that, it want to spray steam
      out the pour spout area where it meets the seal. It also has a 1000 watt burner so it uses
      nearly twice the power and really makes the hottest coffee of any pot I have. I think
      probably too hot. I also found in cleaning that it is very hard, at least for me to get my
      hand and a wash rag inside the top or the bottom, and the top particulary made little cuts
      in my hand where it rubbed on the rim. I had to come up with a little plastic handle
      scrubb brush to use.

      All in all I like the design of the unit. I was very tempted to bid on that Monitor pot that
      came up, didn't know a thing about it though. Almost looked to me like a version of the
      Westing house lower unit?