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4296Re: [vacpot] Re: Farberware Coffee Robot Cloth Filter Source?

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  • pawilh@yahoo.com
    Jul 11, 2014

      Those Melitta paper filters work great in the Sunbeam C20's also! I use 2-3 of them. I've read period cloth filters were typically made from muslin, but the OEM Sunbeam filters seem to have a smooth side and a "fuzzy" side. I'm told athletic sock material is a close match.

      Good luck--Paul

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      I use the Melita 3-inch percolator filters, stacked in a group of three. I have a cloth filter and they don't seem like they would be too tough to make, for someone with sewing skill. However, the Melita filters work good, keep the grounds out of the lower chamber and produce great coffee. Been using them for about three years now. Hope this helps.(You can get them cheap on Amazon.)

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