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4290Re: [vacpot] Vintage Kitchen Aid Grinder information?

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  • carol.vesperino
    Jun 22, 2014
        My Arcade hand grinders adjust from a wing nut in the center that moves the burrs forward or backward. Maybe the screw in the center of yours does the same thing??
      Carol V___PA.

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      Thanks Paul for telling me about yours.  Mine has a white adjusting ring with a metal lid that matches.  I have it set on about four notches from fine and it seems to be somewhat coarse. There is also a phillips head, sort of rectangular shape, bolt in the center of the grinder. Not sure what that is but it might be an adjustment to the burrs to get it to match the settings on the adjusting ring?  Maybe that will ring a bell with some other owners.  For what I want it for I think it probably is working well enough since I don't often use a very fine grind. 

      I am curious though about how to access properly the motor as you mentioned. I saw an internet post last night before I went to bed that mentioned a few drops of oil on a couple spots but they didn't say where or how.   Do you access the burrs and motor from the bottom or though the top?  Anyone know if there is a manual for the older versions on line?  


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