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4289Re: [vacpot] Vintage Kitchen Aid Grinder information?

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  • Larry Hollenberg
    Jun 22, 2014
      Thanks Paul for telling me about yours.  Mine has a white adjusting ring with a metal lid that matches.  I have it set on about four notches from fine and it seems to be somewhat coarse. There is also a phillips head, sort of rectangular shape, bolt in the center of the grinder. Not sure what that is but it might be an adjustment to the burrs to get it to match the settings on the adjusting ring?  Maybe that will ring a bell with some other owners.  For what I want it for I think it probably is working well enough since I don't often use a very fine grind. 

      I am curious though about how to access properly the motor as you mentioned. I saw an internet post last night before I went to bed that mentioned a few drops of oil on a couple spots but they didn't say where or how.   Do you access the burrs and motor from the bottom or though the top?  Anyone know if there is a manual for the older versions on line?  


      On Sunday, June 22, 2014 2:47 AM, "P Wilh pawilh@... [vacuumcoffeepotcollector]" <vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi Larry-
      I have a glass top KitchenAid A9, made by Hobart. Mine has an off white base and black adjusting ring. I know some of the earlier models had red rings and used mason jar style glass hoppers, not sure which one you have.
      I'm not aware of any spare parts being available for the older units, though KitchenAid did rerelease a newer version of the grinder a few years ago.
      Mine required a thorough cleaning of the motor, and a new shear pin, which is located under the lower burr.
      Its a great looking piece and grinds well, but I use a Hobart/Cory DEG for most of my grinding. Its less prone to breakage and I seldom ever change my grind.
      The small door does indeed deflect the coffee downward and there was supposed to have been a graduated catch glass that sat under it. I've seen replicas for sale on eBay--the originals being very rare and expensive. 
      Also, the discharge on both of my grinders seems to consistently plug up just as the last few beans are being ground. Thought I'd throw that out there.
      Great units though and I'm sure you'll enjoy yours.
      On Jun 21, 2014 9:46 PM, "larryhollenb@... [vacuumcoffeepotcollector]" <vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hello All,

      Today I was antiquing and ran into a Kitchen Aid grinder. I am pretty sure its the earlier original version grinder. It has a sort of pale olive green colored stand. It runs but so far I have not tired to grind any coffee with it. Its been a busy evening.  

      I am wondering a couple things..  If the burrs turn out to not work well are they available?  Are there any tips for checking out the mechanism  or things to look for?   I am also not quite sure how that exit for the grounds was designed. It appears that the little swinging flap on the outlet spout is designed to direct the ground downward to a container.  I guess I will find out when I test it shortly but it would seem like it might want to toss some grounds outside what ever you use to catch them?  


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