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4286Vintage Kitchen Aid Grinder information?

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  • larryhollenb
    Jun 21, 2014

      Hello All,

      Today I was antiquing and ran into a Kitchen Aid grinder. I am pretty sure its the earlier original version grinder. It has a sort of pale olive green colored stand. It runs but so far I have not tired to grind any coffee with it. Its been a busy evening.  

      I am wondering a couple things..  If the burrs turn out to not work well are they available?  Are there any tips for checking out the mechanism  or things to look for?   I am also not quite sure how that exit for the grounds was designed. It appears that the little swinging flap on the outlet spout is designed to direct the ground downward to a container.  I guess I will find out when I test it shortly but it would seem like it might want to toss some grounds outside what ever you use to catch them?  


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