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4279Re: replacement gasket for Cory ACB automatic....are they available?

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  • lpdintenfass
    Jun 18, 2014
      Hi All,

      I found a Silex filter rod but was not able to use it as its attached spring assembly is too long for the length of the Cory ACB funnel tube. However, I did use an original Cory glass filter rod (not the "new" style) and also applied firmer pressure when seating the upper vessel on the lower pot....this ended up giving me a better seal and the coffee did not stall at all. In fact, the brewing time was around 1.5 minutes which seems quite brief! I could adjust the thermostat but I'll probably leave it where it is just so that I have a "gentle" automatic brewing set up for decaf after dinner. For my lunchtime caffeinated brewing, I've been enjoying the Sunbeam C50's longer brewing time.

      Thanks all for the advice.
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