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4213Re: [vacpot] Cory automatic adjustments?

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  • Larry Hollenberg
    Jan 8, 2014
      In trying a filter by Duralux in the cory I found that the water did return much easier but a sort of sludge could be found clogging the holes in it a well. So I am inclined to think that the grind is the actual issue here.  Odd that one less coarse setting could do that much an add considerable fine particles to the grounds.  


      On Wednesday, January 8, 2014 2:19 PM, "larryhollenb@..." <larryhollenb@...> wrote:
      I picked up a pretty nice looking aluminum cory automatic coffee maker. The first tries went with a grind next to perk on the store machine. But I only had enough to do it a couple times.  The next bag I had ground at the next lower, or larger of the Automatic grinds.. Now it refuses to return the water to the lower pot without a very long wait. Probably 10 minutes or more.. The lower pot seems very hot.  I am wondering if the heat is too high on the thermostat but am a bit leery of trying to make an adjustment as those have never panned out for me.  Still from what I remember there are probably two adjustments under the pot, but if I were to tinker with them I am not sure which is which.. Anyone know how to determine which is the keeps the coffee warm adjustment?  


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