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4206Re: 30C odd problem -- Boil Over

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  • iluv_vac
    Dec 28, 2013
      I'm sorry Zack, I didn't read your post correctly. The LOW adjustment should be rechecked, but also check the switch components for the rusty, powdery film that results from moisture getting inside the base. Also check that the contact points are clean and in alignment. It is very easy to bend the thin contact springs when trying to readjust these machines, which changes the angle of the points. Sunbeam had a special combination tool that prevented up and down and side to side pressure on the springs when doing the readjustments. It's difficult to avoid when using separate screwdriver and wrench on the adjusting screw and lock nut. It's also possible that the thermostat blade (the heat sensitive part attached to the bowl that flexes and engages the contact spring) could be loose, which would cause erratic behavior of the switch mechanism. These are all lessons I've learned after going through several Coffeemasters over the years.

      My uploaded Service Bulletin:

      Hope this helps,
      John A.
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