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4202RE: 30C odd problem -- Boil Over

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  • iluv_vac
    Dec 26, 2013
      Several things to check when the Coffeemaster boils over:

      (1)  Inspect the condition of the seal for cracks, dryness, etc. Make sure there is no vacuum leak. If you detect steam coming out around the seal when you are making coffee, it needs to be replaced.

      (2)  Inspect the funnel tube seam. Cover the end and hold it up to the light. You should just barely be able to see light coming through. If the split is excessive, replace the tube. The fastest way to mess up a tube is to stuff a dish rag or oversized brush into it when trying to clean it. It forces the seam apart and ruins it.

      (3)  Inspect the handle bolt for tightness, and make sure there is not a vacuum leak around the handle.

      (4)  Inspect the filter screen for punctures and the rubber ring for damage. Make sure it is seating properly in the bottom of the upper bowl. Replace accordingly.

      (5)  Inspect the filter assembly spring. If it is overly compressed, you can tweak it so it applies more pressure to the filter mesh and screen or dome so the steam pressure doesn't dislodge it.

      (6) Check the HIGH temp setting. If it the unit is not switching to LOW after the proper elapsed time, readjust it.

      (7)  Check the LOW temp setting. If it is above 175°F, readjust it.

      (8)  Check the grind of the coffee. Too much dust will cause excessive foaming during the brewing process.

      When the machine boils over, the coffee cannot get to the electrics. It will puddle around the retaining plate. It's probably a good idea to remove the nameplate and retaining plate and clean out the residue to avoid corrosion issues in the future. If the unit is switching from HIGH to LOW, nothing is sticking.

      John A.
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