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  • larry h
    Jul 7, 2013
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      Hi All,

      Yesterday I was out scrounging and just before a shop closed I spotted a vacuum coffee maker. In my haste I didn't notice that the top was smaller than the bottom.. I believe its a silex or a pyrex lower pot. However I am not sure if the top which is smaller has been altered or not. The uptake tube is only about 3" long from the bottom of the pot where its attached. It has a spring filter for cloth that is no where long enough to be used in the much longer tubes of the other pots I recently found. The tube bottom is a bit uneven which might be due to slight damage or I am wondering if someone ground it down if it had broken..

      Could someone with a 4 cup upper to a silex or pyrex check and see how long the tube is an post the finding? No sense in looking for the lower if the top is not right, but until I know the length I am not sure. At the moment it only goes about half way down in the larger 8 cup bottom its on.

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