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3884RE: [vacpot] Random thoughts on coffee pots.

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  • Roland
    Apr 1, 2013
      I did a little googling. It may be that scalding was merely to bring the pot
      up to temperature before actually doing the cooking.


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      Subject: [vacpot] Random thoughts on coffee pots.

      One thing I have wondered when reading many old cooking suggestions for
      coffee is to "Scald" the pot before pouring in the water.. What do you think
      that accomplishes? Does it perhaps eliminate the metallic taste that
      aluminum pots can have if not used regularly?

      The other thought is more of a tip.. In using various kinds of coffee makers
      I not having a running water system have always hated removing the grounds
      from coffee makers of various types. The deep recesses of the drip pots that
      don't use a separate basket under the water container are among the ones I
      fought with to remove grounds. Even the perk baskets can be a pain to remove
      grounds from without making a mess. What I finally hit on was when I got a
      small 5 quart pail with a handle. Now I simply add water about two thirds
      deep and drip the coffee maker parts with most of the grounds dumped out on
      some newspaper into it and a few simple twist around in the water an the
      grounds come quickly out without much fuss. I then toss the water and
      grounds on the grass or flower beds.

      Hope everyone has a great easter weekend.


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