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3675Re: [vacpot] Silex 6 cup stove

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  • Steven Lewis
    Oct 9, 2012
      I have not posted any photos recently but looking at my photo files, I still do not have a Silex EC-6. I have looked for years for stoves and cannot remember seeing an EC-6 or I may have bid on one but lost the auction.. I have 3 EC-4s and 6 EC-8s so from my experience, I would say that the EC-6 is rare. I do not think that the EC-6 was manufactured with the grate. I have quite a few Silex vacpots and looking through my collection, I see realatively few 6 cup examples, 8 cup models predominate.
      Steven (oribatids)

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      Subject: [vacpot] Silex 6 cup stove


      Hi all. It's been a while since I last posted but I felt compelled to ask about a Silex stove that I found at a garage sale. It is a Silex 6 cup EC-6. It looks similar to the Silex EC-4 that Orbatids has shown in the Silex stoves photo album. I didn't see one of mine in his inventory. Is this a rare one? Should it have a burner grate that fits on top of the burner? I have included a couple of pictures of it in my photo album titled "Chris" Robot". It came with a NIB Cory DKG-S Brewer with instructions and a Cory Glass rod. Nice find at $10! Chris

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