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3231Coffee Grinder - was Re: [vacpot] Re: remove melted rubber

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  • Brian Helfrich
    Sep 6, 2011
      > --- In vacuumcoffeepotcollector@yahoogroups.com, "Kyle" <hoodoorocket@...>
      > wrote:


      >> Found a NIB cory stovetop with the ground glass seal and glass filter
      >> rod. I assumed it would be better than the cruder cheaper McKee, but I
      >> have never been able to coax good coffee from it, now matter how coarse
      >> or fine I grind.

      I have found that using a blade grinder instead of a burr grinder leaves too
      much powder in the grinds for the Cory glass filter rods and they tend to

      Back in the day, the local supermarkets had burr grinders - like the 8
      O'clock coffee grinders. The pre-ground canned coffee wasn't powdery
      either. Perhaps as an experiment you could find a store with a burr grinder
      and try a bag.

      I bought an original Hobart grinder off eBay awhile back and have had good
      results with the Cory glass rods. Folks here have mentioned reconditioned
      Barista burr grinders are available for ~ $ 69.

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