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2703Re: [vacpot] Removing odor from stainless pots.

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  • Rodney
    Apr 13, 2010
      I have costly Cuisonart Multiclad and Calphalon Tri-ply cookware and it cleans stuff that Dish soap wont. I use it every time to clean it. It saves soaking time in the sink to get where the dish soap will remove it. Also it is not an abrasive cleaner, Cuisonart and Calphalon recomend it for there cookware and they recomend not using comet or other abrasive cleaners or it will scratch them up. Also dont use the non-scratch scratch pads, they will still scratch things. There not non-scratch. Just a sponge or cleaning dishcloth(or similar)
      To use it you put some on a very wet towel or sponge and then scrub the item to be cleaned. It recomends not putting it straight on the surface to be cleaned. It is also a polishing agent, so it will shine it up. I used it on an 1950's Nicro Vacuum pot and it cleaned up well. It did not remove the scratches or cause any, but it has a shine now like new . The bottom pot was scratch free and looked like it came out of a box but the top bowel had a few light scatches from sitting it down on it side and dull spots from handling with the fingers. The barkeeps shined it like new.
      My wife says she has seen the Barkeepers in the grocery stores. Cheaper then Amazon. It may be a mild acidic agent with a polishing compound, but I am not sure. It can be used for copper and other surfaces that cant handle abrasive cleaners.
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      From: Larry Hollenberg
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      Subject: Re: [vacpot] Removing odor from stainless pots.

      Yes I have heard of that product. Would you think its for use inside the pot to clean? Just wondering, not sure what the actual description is for use of it, It sort of always stuck me as sounding like a Comet type product?
      thanks for replyingLarry

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      Subject: Re: [vacpot] Removing odor from stainless pots.
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      Date: Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 3:43 PM

      What I use to clean stainless steel is a product called Bar keepers freind. http://www.amazon com/Bar-Keepers- Friend%C2% AE-Cleanser- Polish/dp/ B000V72992/ ref=sr_1_ 1?ie=UTF8& s=home-garden& qid=1271191325& sr=8-1

      Best I found so far for stainless. Hope it helps. And it wont harm the steel. Rod

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      From: larry h

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      Subject: [vacpot] Removing odor from stainless pots.

      Hello All,

      This is a general question not a vacpot question, but I know many of us dabble in all sorts of coffee makers. I picked up a Edison Siphonator recently. It still works to my amazement, and when it balked after about a week of working I discovered how wonderfully simple edison constructed the thermostat. None of the tedious adjustments you see in later ones. Cleaned a dirty contact and it was up an working perfectly.

      However, after using it for a few brews the container the coffee goes in, which is about 4 inches across and 9 or so inches deep develops a sort of stale coffee odor which so far has resisted permeant removal. I tired running baking soda though it, soaking it with hot water and cream of tarter, scrubbing like crazy and still after a few pots when you taste the coffee it becomes a bit stale or off tasting and the same effect is found in sniffing the coffee part of the pot. It seems to be made of all stainless from what I can tell. I wash it with soap and water after each use and leave the top off so it can air out good, but still it stays. I made a pot of coffee in my aluminum percolator to see if it produced the same kind of smell but it doesn't or its very faint at best.

      Any ideas why its doing this and how to remove it?


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