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2274Re: Westinghouse CM-71 Instructions

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  • Ron McCray
    Jun 5, 2009
      Hi Philip,

      We have just added the Westinghouse instructions you requested to our photo album (Ron & Edgar's Coffee Makers). Hope this will be of some help to you.

      If you check the wattage on the Westinghouse vacpot, you'll find that it is 1000 watts! No wonder it gets so hot, brews so vigorously and takes a long time for it to cool down enough for the brewed coffee to move down to the carafe. These units are way overpowered. It bubbles so forcefully that we have to put a wet paper towel over the lid to keep coffee and grounds from sloshing out during brewing. Ours does end the brewing cycle automatically but since it takes so long, we use a little less ground coffee than usual.

      Ron & Edgar
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