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2105Re: [vacpot] Hello Group

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  • davidborton
    Feb 1, 2009
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      I buy filters (glass rods) off eBay and resell them to fellow homeroasters
      for their vacpots. All the profits go to http://coffeekids.org It is my
      way to keep a good not-for-profit in front of us so that we remember
      that our coffee nirvana comes at a price, lives with less than we can

      Along the way, I have moved probably 60 <?> glass rod filters to
      members. Cornings, Corys, and Silex Lox-in's. I will sell those. When I
      get my hands on a Polan (I hang on to them), Dutch ceramic, and Cory
      porcelains -- well, they stay right here.

      Dave Borton
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