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Re: So, let me get this straight....

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  • home_machinist
    Luke- With the proper hardware/software, mach3 can be used to control ±10vdc drives. There are some Digital to Analog converters out there that convert
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 6, 2008
      With the proper hardware/software, mach3 can be used to control
      ±10vdc drives.

      There are some Digital to Analog converters out there that convert
      step/direction to analog and have encoder inputs that close the servo
      loop on the board, but I haven't tried them. I also haven't heard
      too many good things about this approach.

      However, Mach3 is compatible with Galil controller cards (like the
      1840), so a PC with a Galil card can be used to control the servo
      loop to all the axes, then Mach3 sends commands to the Galil card.
      I've talked with Brian Barker (he's a member of a CNC group I've
      started here in southern NH) and he has done installations using
      Mach3 with a Galil card. All that is needed is a .dll plug-in in
      Mach3 to communicate with the Galil board.

      I'm still running my converted V2XT with 42 frame steppers and Mach3
      as I have 2 million other projects at the moment, but I have all of
      the parts already for a Mach3/Galil setup. I spend an hour here and
      there installing software or wiring the drives on a bench, but it's
      definetly not the top priority. I haven't missed a step since I
      converted it a couple years ago, which pushes it down the list even
      farther. Also, once I do convert the machine, I will not be using
      the original brush servo motors, as I have brushless motors & drives,
      but the input to the drives is the same ±10vdc.

      I hope this helps.


      --- In v2xt@yahoogroups.com, <nccams@...> wrote:
      > Theoretically, it may be possible, practically it is not.
      > Most of the V2XT's, both FMDC and BMDC based used analog
      > +/-10volt signal servo amps. MACH only works with step &
      > direction amps. Big difference in integrating them.
      > I contacted MACH directly as I wanted to go from a BMDC in
      > my EzTrak (BMDC based system) and MACH replied that their
      > system could NOT be integrated with analog servo amps.
      > Besides, both FMDC and BMDC are true "feedback based"
      > systems and need it to close the loop in servo control.
      > There have been attemts to feed the S/D signals of MACH
      > into D/A converter of some sort to create an analog control
      > signal. Even if this were possible, you lose the encoder
      > feec back loop - I dunno if this is practical or possible,
      > especially since MACH only relies on step/direction(S/D)
      > direction and speed and motion control. I do not believe it
      > is encoder interfaceable at this time nor will it be in the
      > future.
      > Good luck
      > On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 19:39:09 -0000
      > "lefeverluke" <lefeverluke@...> wrote:
      > > If a person would get frustrated with trying to make a
      > > V2XT work with the existing circuit
      > > board and software- hypothetically speaking, one could
      > > keep the servos and encoders, but
      > > control them with a Windows PC running Mach 3, and
      > > control the servos through Geckos, and
      > > control the spindle through a break-out board?
      > >
      > > Do I have that correct? It's what I've been able to
      > > glean from surfing cnczone.com,
      > > practicalmachinist.com and here.
      > >
      > > I'm not sure that this is the route I want to go- I'm
      > > mostly asking just for my own education.
      > >
      > > Thanks, Luke
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