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25Just a simple question !

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  • herske
    Apr 15, 2001
      I got to this club reading the outdated
      trollfaq,and that pathetic excuse of a newsgroup
      alt.blah...-nose-whatever.That newsgroup is the lamest gathering of some
      mentally retarded dickheads' piss poor attempts to be
      anal.Yes,400 lines cascades are sooo funny I almost killed my
      cat laughing.Nevermind!<br><br>The reason I'm writing
      this is the name of a founder :
      "Ion_Talent"<br><br>[foreign language]Ionele mama,daca intelegi ce scriu aici
      e bine.Daca faci si ceea ce scrie prin
      "advertizmentele" alea e si mai bine.Daca ai auzit s.c.r si de alte
      citeva forumuri de discutii virgine si nestiutoare de
      trolli unde "abia astept sa pun botul" e atitudinea
      majoritatii membrilor.Daca ai inteles ce e bine,scrie un
      mesaj.Daca nu esti de acord si nu te intereseaza,scrie un
      mesaj sa stiu sa nu mai pierd timpul si arata-mi fundul
      dupa ;)[/foreign language]<br><br>Ok,if you didn't
      understand a thing of what I said above,please do not bother
      your local police officer,Martha Stewart or Oprah.Just
      try to ignore it.
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