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[Adlist] What?s A Blog For?

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  • adlib1776
    Over the course of the last several years a new electronic medium came into being, the blog. We see blogs for the news. We see blogs that sell stuff. We see
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2011
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      Over the course of the last several years a new electronic medium came
      into being, the blog. We see blogs for the news. We see blogs that
      sell stuff. We see blogs that talk about peoples personal lives. If
      you can think of it we can probably see a blog for it somewhere. They
      all have one thing in common.

      As a reader of blogs we hone in on that one objective like a blood
      hound hunting down its prey. We are searching the web, scouring the
      entire realm, exploring for the all elusive quarry. Fully engrossed
      and absorbed in the pursuit, we are relentless in the quest until we
      attain our goal. We keep going until finally we corner the beast and
      voila, we bookmark the page so we do not have to reinvent the wheel of
      that search again.

      If you are the kind of person who wants to break the confines of the
      stereo typical thinker revolving around our current political
      atmosphere and set yourself free to deliberate on your terms?this blog
      is for you. The search has already been done. There is no need to
      reinvent anything. Bookmark the page for your convenience and return
      has often as you like.

      We feel your pain. You scoured the web endlessly in vain for that one
      site which answers the question that has haunted you for years: ?Why
      are we in such a mess?? The journey took you to all sorts of sites
      only to be disappointed over and over by the hyperbole of meaningless
      dribble and atrophy espoused by our politicians.

      For ages, people just like you have asked this same question.
      Fortunately some were capable enough to find the answer to this and a
      number of other questions by going to this one site. The course of
      today?s political climate is ever changing and it has never been
      easier to find all your resources in a single location. It doesn?t
      require a multitude of extravagant moves or hidden talents. It is at
      your fingers with a single click on a bookmarked page.

      In fact, if you have yet to develop your political prowess to the
      level you desire, it likely has nothing to do with you. Given the game
      that is at play, the strategies, misinformation and constant
      misdirection, it is a wonder we are able to progress at all, much less
      perfect our prowess.

      If the barrage of obfuscation has left you more dazed then empowered,
      inhale deeply, exhale and?relax. We are going to take direct aim at
      this confusion, provide you with all the insight you need to know and
      send you to the one location that will give you the answers you seek.

      Every single blog has one thing in common; they all want to be the
      subject matter expert (SME) on the material being presented. For all
      those Libertarians that are busy looking for the one site that is
      their SME, we have found that site. Go to
      www.LibertarianViewpoint.com. Bookmark the page.

      Your search is over. The answers you seek are there. Read, comment,
      participate in discussions, return as often as you want and if you
      have the guts, write.

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