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9[Adlist] Liberty Czar: "Shed Your Ignorance"

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  • adlib1776
    May 23, 2011
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      Let?s face it; most people in the world are ignorant about what their government does. Americans are no different. Very few people in the United States even bother to listen to what is being said and less than 70% even bother to vote. They are all caught up in the mind game of ?making a living? by trading their time for someone else?s money. That?s how the current government setup the cradle to grave system, and it is working perfectly.

      Those that do listen are caught between a rock and a hard place because all they hear are the ?left? and ?right? side of the story and never the truth behind what is going on. The obfuscation perpetrated by the government works its magic without anyone knowing. The lack of understanding behind the government principles is what keeps them in line and paves the road to slavery for their entire population. Ignorance truly is bliss.

      There are a few people that see through the smoke screens and make an attempt to turn on the proverbial light bulb. Several blogs are out there with the right message and one in particular does not seem afraid to pull any punches. I am referring to www.LibertarianViewpoint.com.  

      The authors have a habit of extoling Liberty and setting off the warning bells to any reader about what is to come, along with possible solutions, in nearly every article. Their unique perspective is refreshing They seem to have a solid grasp as to what is going on and what it means to the country.

      Here are a few samples:

      The Republican Party Is Losing It
      Many things are happening in the world of politics and all of them show just how despondent this country has become. Mike Huckabee announced the other day that he would not run. He did not want to give up his newly found lucrative career with FOX. Trump proceeded to jibe him about his making so much money and building news etc.

      (read more) http://libertarianviewpoint.com/blog/?p=5271#comments

      Republican Party Problems Continue To Mount
      I reported about the Republicans losing it earlier. Not because I am in favor of them but because I wanted to show they have not changed their colors yet. Even with the Tea Partiers in the group they still do not seem to get the message. Looking for a mainstream neocon to take the lead in the race is becoming a bleak chore for the Republicans.

      (read more) http://libertarianviewpoint.com/blog/?p=5286#comments

      U.S. Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Police State

      Yesterday I made mention of a case in Indiana where that states Supreme Court ruled that you cannot stop police from entering your home and doing whatever they want even though they do not have a search warrant. Unbeknownst to be at the time the U.S. Supreme Court was hearing a similar case for someone from Kentucky. Now remember, this is the same Supreme Court who has the privileges of reading the Constitution and determining if any of the ?supreme laws of the land? had been broken.

      (read more) http://libertarianviewpoint.com/blog/?p=5282#comments

      There are many more articles on the front page and new information appears on a daily basis. A wide variety of topics are presented for discussion with a distinct libertarian slant to them. This site is a MUST read for any serious Libertarian wanting increase their scope of the world and how the U.S. government is affecting it.

      Go to www.LibertarianViewpoint.com read the articles, leave a comment or two. I am sure the authors will respond. I hear they are looking for writers too. If you have the guts to write like they do, ask them about how to become an author.