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  • brycen75
    May 18, 2010
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      My name is Bryce Nielsen. I am 35 and single, living in and around Vernal for the last 4 years (before that I lived in the Northeast for most of my life). I work the night shift at the local Walmart. I am planning to move to New Hampshire in 2011. I am fairly new at this, and kind of shy about bringing up the Free State Project even though I really believe in it (it's just a personality trait to avoid confrontation and not wanting people to think I'm weird). I have been a libertarian since about 2003, although it's mostly been reading and posting online. I did help get ballot petition signatures for a local political race in upstate New York.

      I want to help raise awareness of the FSP but find it easier to do these kinds of things when I am not alone. I am willing to drive the 3 hours to the Wasatch Front occasionally to help with something (maybe about every 2 months since gas is so expensive). This month I am planning for my 1st trip to Porcfest. I may be interested in a caravan for June 2011 (I am trying to decide if I should stay in Utah till Sep 2011 so I can hit one last family reunion).

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      > Tell us a little bit about yourself.
      > Where are you from?
      > What do you do?
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