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12Re: [Adlist] [EBL-discuss] What's A Blog For?

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  • adlib1776
    May 26, 2011

      The fastest way to see a pict would be to go to the about page on the
      blog (http://libertarianviewpoint.com/blog/?page_id=2). I started the
      blog while I was in Florida but have moved here to California last
      June. Currently my family and I are in the LA area. I do plan on going
      to Libertopia this year (depending on the job situation) and I look
      forward to seeing you there again.

      Believe it or not, I can understand how people feel about being
      ?marketed to? and I definitely would not want to turn those into
      negatives. That sort of defeats the purpose of marketing. Regardless
      of how I may feel about my blog, the fact that you make mention of
      changes indicates that it is necessary to do more work ? LOL.

      Bobby thought the emails sent were so bad that it was spam. This gives
      credence to your critique. I am very grateful for your input on this
      and I will strive to make things better.

      Yours in Liberty

      (jimk ? www.LibertarianViewpoint.com)

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      Date: Thu, 26 May 2011 17:00:34 -0700

      Yup, same one! Can you send a photo to spur my memory of meeting you
      at Libertopia?

      Glad you're open to saying more about the Non-Aggression Principle,
      and less exposition about the blog! I applaud your activism and taking
      the initiative spreading the libertarian message, but people are
      increasingly resistant to being "marketed to". There are lots of
      libertarian sites out there, and I'm guessing that many of the people
      behind them think theirs is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but
      if we all read all of them, we'd have time for nothing else!

      Yeah, I do think putting the content of an entire article with a link
      back to the site would be more appreciated, especially if you include
      a few words of introduction about why you're posting that particular
      article to the particular list you're posting it to. If you put out
      good content, the word will gradually spread and attract traffic.
      Advertising that does the equivalent of hitting people over the head
      may draw traffic, but it will also "drive up your negatives" (to use
      some political candidate terminology!) and take more of your time
      having to deal with people who are irate or resentful at feeling like
      they're being disrespected or their time wasted.

      Where are you based, by the way? Going to Libertopia this year? I
      haven't been invited as a speaker in 2011 yet, but am open to it.

      Love & Liberty,
      ((( starchild )))

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