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11Re: [Adlist] [EBL-discuss] What's A Blog For?

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  • adlib1776
    May 26, 2011
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      As in starchild from San Fran?

      Man how good to hear from you again. I haven?t heard from you since
      the Libertopia convention. I hope all is well with you and yours.

      Yeah it is kind of overstated. I was advised that if I wanted to get
      people involved that I needed to start advertising the site somehow. I
      couldn?t think of a better way to do it then to start talking to
      other Libertarian and Libertarian leaning people on various lists. Who
      else would be more interested in promoting liberty than others already
      knowledgeable in that arena?

      My actual hope was that some people on the list would be interested
      enough that they might like to join in the fun by becoming authors on
      the blog. It would be fantastic to have at least one author per state
      writing all the Libertarian news for that state.

      There are several pieces on the non-aggression principle throughout
      the time and I am sure more will be coming as it is the core principle
      of the Libertarian philosophy. Often I try to include it as
      justification for points being made in various articles. It certainly
      is not enough though. There are many other things that can be
      discussed as well. My biggest problem, I am only one person. I cannot
      write it all myself.

      I like your idea about the one sentence. I am really very new at the
      idea of advertising and when I write I sometimes get the feeling I am
      overdoing it a bit. Unfortunately for me, I know of no other way to
      hone the craft and learn from the feedback received by individuals
      such as you. Thanks very much for the advice, I appreciate it.

      When you say contribution, would actually putting the content of a
      relevant article with a link back to the site be more appropriate?

      Yours in Liberty,
      (jimk - www.LibertarianViewpoint.com)

      From: sfdreamer@...
      To: adlist@...
      Subject: Re: [EBL-discuss] [Adlist] What's A Blog For?
      Date: Wed, 25 May 2011 23:29:57 -0700
      While the site you're advertising does appear to contain a good
      amount of pro-freedom content, I think you overstate the case for it
      somewhat. I also think you could have boiled this post down to a
      single sentence, without losing anything. Something like:

      "Please come check out LibertarianViewpoint.com -- we've compiled
      information there from a bunch of different sources to try to make it
      a one-stop shop for researching libertarian views."

      If this is your site, I would encourage you to include some prominent
      material there discussing the Non-Aggression Principle. Presenting
      that idea seems key to the kind of endeavor you've described.

      By the way, who are you? I would appreciate you including your name
      when you post, and also your cooperation in trying to make a unique
      contribution to this list -- not necessarily in every post, though
      that would be ideal, but at least a good part of the time. By
      "unique", I mean something you wrote specifically to people here. In
      other words, please don't just use this list as a dumping-ground for
      mass-audience messages distributed elsewhere!

      Love & Liberty,
      ((( starchild )))

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