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Santa sings sans instruments

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  • moosebutter moosebutter
    Merry, Merry happy jolly lovely Christmas to you. Here is a little word on some of the things happening in the near future so marketh ye s calendareth:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 22, 2001

      Merry, Merry happy jolly lovely Christmas to you.  Here is a little word on some of the things happening in the near future so marketh ye's calendareth:

      moosebutter celebrates Twelfth Night (the feast of fools, how fitting) January 5th at the Holiday Museum, 1450 East 300 North Provo, Utah. Info at 801-812-3275 or call Mr. Tim at 427-1021.  And check this out, it's fairly gnarly: http://www.holidaymuseum.com

      The Majestix: the best little quartet in St. George, Ut. will be performing at "First Night" in the St. George Tabernacle.  First Night is the celebration of the New Year, with lots of fun on main street.  The Majestix will also do a concert on Valentine's Night; to perform in the old Dixie Theater Ball Room, upstairs.

      InsideOut @ Gilbert High School, Mesa AZ, Jan 17, 18, and 19. 

      Feb 1, Milk, Blue, and The Roaring 20 from Princeton, NJ, at a TBA BYU venue. 

      February 2nd The International Championship of Collegiate A cappella at BYU.

      February 4th moosebutter at Provo City Library Family Home Evening, 6:30 and 7:30 pm.  It's evening, you love your family, so get out of your home and come see the moose.

      Feb. 8, 24 Octappella, moosebutter, Blue, and Voice Male at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games Governor�s World Leader VIP reception, Utah Museum of Fine Arts.  $500 admission (not a joke).

      Feb. 8-24 Octappella and Eclipse! performing as venue entertainment, Salt Lake Olympic Games.  They are the bobsled teams.  Also watch for the Hot Chocolate Brigade(s), featuring 4 female quartets with singular burly man to accompany each group (one of them be me), and Kris Goss, for a brief time with moosebutter, will be in the Hockey Opera.  Venues, times vary.

       March 8-9 Total Vocal Workshop at Westminster College, Salt Lake.  Check with Jen Hajj for more info, or wait for more info to come via this list.  also...

      March 11 A Cappella Benefit concert, Salt Lake.

      March 16 BYU A Cappella Jam, Provo Tabernacle, Provo, Utah.

      And more to come!

      Tim "flamin' yawn" Jones 

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