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  • moosebutter moosebutter
    Got this in the ol email. Some of you should be interested. Contact Mr. Johnson directly for more details. Tell im moose sentcha. ... Get your FREE download
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2001

      Got this in the ol' email.  Some of you should be interested.  Contact Mr. Johnson directly for more details.  Tell 'im moose sentcha.

      >From: "Ralph Johnson"

      >Subject: Help
      >Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 18:34:56 -0700
      >The Govenor is hosting a bunch of rich folk at the UofU Museum of Fine Art
      >on the days (and nights) of Opening and Closing Ceremonies. The people
      >attending will be paying big bucks, and all monies (except for sound and
      >food) will be donated to the Govenor's Council for Economic Development - a
      >kitty used to attract new business to Utah.
      >I happen to serve on a non-paid organizing committee - and my specific
      >responsibility is to find entertainment for the events. We have four stages
      >throughout the museum, and plan to rotate talent - or at least cycle their
      >If you think any of your groups would be interested in performing, I'd
      >appreciate hearing from you. Unfortunately, we are asking the talent to
      >volunteer their time. I have already contacted Matt at Octapella, and
      >dropped an e-mail to Inside out - but I think the genre would be great for
      >the event.
      >Please call, if you have a minute, to discuss.
      >Ralph Johnson
      >350 South 400 East
      >SLC, UT 84111
      >Local 994-9000
      >Toll Free 1-800-297-6854

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