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Re: moosebutter auditioning all voice parts!

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  • Tim Jones
    Pat, That s an interesting take on our current situation, and we re glad that you identify so strongly with the moosebutter you re familiar with. In actuality,
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 10, 2006

      That's an interesting take on our current situation, and we're glad
      that you identify so strongly with the moosebutter you're familiar with.

      In actuality, moosebutter has had nearly 40 singers since it was
      created in 1999. You read that right, 40. We've been through
      countless changes in style and singers, including most recently the
      hiring of a new bass to tour with us full time. We currently have 4
      "regular" singers and 6 "others" - great singers from other groups or
      other careers who perform with us when one of the regulars has pressing
      personal matters, when we feel like adding a fifth person for a special
      event, or when there are two gigs at the same time and we need to be at
      both places. We are increasingly facing this issue - someone wants us
      to do a private show on the same day a public show is scheduled, and we
      don't want to pass either of them up.

      For our public shows, don't worry, you'll be seeing the moosebutter you
      know and love. But for private shows, especially the work we do for
      company parties, we essentially have multiple 'casts' for our 'show.'
      It happens all the time - Broadway casts have understudies, shows like
      Stomp! and Blue Man Group have dozens of performers that rotate in and
      out of the cast, even professional a cappella bands like Toxic Audio
      and The House Jacks have alternate singers for certain events. We are
      certainly not trying to dissapoint the fans who are dying to see
      so-and-so because he always does that amazing duck call while wearing
      his speed-o (just an example, this doesn't actually happen).

      So, to answer your question, isn't it the people in the group that make
      the group? In a way, yes... JohnPaulGeorgeRingo are The Beatles... but
      they originally had a different drummer, and they took another drummer
      on a tour to Australia when Ringo was deathly ill.

      Or is 'moosebutter' the music, and not the people? Is it more like a
      production of Forever Plaid, with a script and characters, and you
      could have any number of hundreds of people fill any part and as long
      as it's good, it works? Could 'moosebutter' exist without four regular
      guys? Could moosebutter work with the inclusion of... *gasp*... a
      GIRL?!?!?!? Would I still have this skin condition if I stopped
      rubbing my face against that toxic waste bin?

      Let the debate begin!

      Just as long as it doesn't turn into a Sammy Hagar/Van Halen sort of argument.

      Tim, from moosebutter

      Quoting Pat Erickson <ple6210@...>:

      > How can you do that? That's like saying there can be 2 or more groups
      > doing the Eagles, the Beatles, Fleetwood Mac or Coldplay, or ???
      > Isn't it the people in the group that makes the group? Is there more
      > than one FACE, or 17th Avenue Allstars or ???
      > Just my thoughts, but I think this would be a terrible mistake in
      > losing the identity of a group that fans follow.
      > Pat
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      > Hey, friends,
      > The happy time has come in the life of moosebutter - we have too many
      > shows! What that means is, WE'RE FRANCHISING!
      > moosebutter is auditioning all voice parts to join our alternate cast.
      > Part- and full-time positions will be available.
      > What do you need to do:
      > Send an interest email to me by August 15th. Include as much
      > information as you can about yourself, without going overboard.
      > If we want to know more, we'll ask you to submit a formal resume,
      > headshot, and some new recordings of you singing some music samples.
      > Questions? Write me!
      > Tim, from moosebutter
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