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Fwd: Utah Arts Council / UPAT program - deadline July 21

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  • Tim Jones
    ... Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 13:59:46 -0600 From: Douglas Wood Reply-To: Douglas Wood Subject: Utah Arts
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      Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2006 13:59:46 -0600
      From: Douglas Wood <utahconcerts@...>
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      Subject: Utah Arts Council / UPAT program - deadline July 21
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      Tim -

      I saw your name listed as the contact for the Utah a cappella listings at:


      ... and hope you will be able to share this information with the local
      community of performers.

      The Utah Arts Council's annual auditions for the Utah Performing Arts
      Tour program are coming up VERY soon. They are happening later in the
      summer than in past years, and to save money the blank applications
      were not sent out to 800 performers as in past years. So, in this
      final week before the application deadline we have significantly fewer
      applications than in past years. It may be a good year to get more
      than one a cappella group on the UPAT roster.

      Please share this "invitation" with your fellow performers, or other
      artists you think might work well on the UPAT program.



      This is an informal invitation for you to apply to be a performer on a
      program sponsored by the Utah Arts Council. The Utah Arts Council
      (UAC) is the official Arts promotion agency of the Utah State
      Government, and includes programs for all types of visual, literary and
      performing arts. In this instance, the program in question is the
      “Utah Performing Arts Tour” (UPAT for short) which is designed to
      benefit performers, presenters and audiences.

      The UPAT program is NOT a simple grant to performers, but rather a way
      to promote the presentation of live performing arts events around the
      state by having the UAC financially subsidize events by selected
      performers. Here’s how it works:

      To help good performances happen all around the state, the UPAT program
      runs annual auditions for performers wishing to participate.
      Typically, about 100 performers and groups apply and about 30 are
      selected to the “UPAT Roster”. Then non-profit presenters around the
      state can present concerts with those roster artists and get a nice
      financial subsidy from the UAC. This also ensures that performers will
      be paid in full by the UAC after each concert. This process encourages
      presenters to book concerts they might not normally attempt, as the
      financial drawbacks of event production are minimized.

      For performers, this mean the possibility of getting more bookings,
      often in interesting rural Utah cities that would not normally be able
      to produce concerts. Note: The UPAT program is not JUST for small
      towns - any place works - but smaller communities are the most active
      users. Also, being selected to the UPAT roster does not guarantee any
      bookings, but does open the group up to the possibility. And it lets
      the performer be recognized as being selected as a top performer in the
      state. (Eclipse and Moosebutter have both been on the UPAT roster in
      recent years, and got lots of bookings from it!)

      This program is designed to promote more meaningful events in
      communities that rarely have ANY live arts, so it goes beyond being
      “just” booking concerts. Every performance booked through UPAT is
      designed to include TWO elements: a normal concert and an extra
      “outreach” event. The “outreach” can be a school assembly, an
      mini-lecture, an informal nursing home performance or any other
      outreach experience mutually agreed to by the performers and
      presenters. Since this requires more total time than doing just a
      standard concert, please consider that extra time when setting your fee
      on your application. (Note: If you have a very large group, the
      outreach does not need to include your entire ensemble.)

      How do you apply? The deadline is coming right up, so act fast if you
      are interested. Visit the UAC website and download the 4-page
      performer application. It might take you between 30 minutes and two
      hours to fill out the application, depending on your personal style,
      but please remember that the selection judges REALLY want to get a feel
      for what you do, so please give good, clean descriptions of your style
      and performance details on the application to ensure that they
      understand what you do.


      While you are there, also check out the current UPAT roster which was
      chosen at last year’s auditions. This will give you an idea of the
      variety of offerings, and a general price range of those selected by
      last year’s judges.


      What’s next? Submit the application, including a demo recording to
      the Utah Arts Council, which organizes the auditions. They will be
      screened by a select judging panel made up of Utah performers and
      presenters. Usually, there are between 70 and 100 total applications
      divided among the fields of music, dance and theatre, and about 30 to
      35 of those are chosen for the roster. If you are interested in
      applying, but can’t make the July 21 application deadline, contact me
      or the UAC a.s.a.p. But the audition panel process is scheduled for
      early August, so late or incomplete applications can not be considered
      after August 4th.

      Any questions?

      Good luck!

      Doug Wood, Laurel Cannon Alder, Anna Boulton

      Utah Performing Arts Tour - Utah Arts Council



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