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"Blue Jupiter Live in NYC" Album & Radio Airplay

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  • bluejupiterpr
    Hey there Blue Jupiter Fans- Wow. Thursday s Live album concert was amazing. This was one of the most fun concerts I ve performed with Blue Jupiter yet. For
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2005
      Hey there Blue Jupiter Fans-

      Wow. Thursday's Live album concert was amazing. This was one of the
      most fun concerts I've performed with Blue Jupiter yet. For all who
      haven't heard, Blue Jupiter recorded a live concert for our new
      album "Blue jupiter, Live in New York City" due out this Xmas season.
      The audience was incredible. A big thank you to all who came.
      We had fans come from all over: Utah, MD, NJ, Ohio, PA, Atlanta,
      Minnesota...we had fans that flew in for the night, drove for 8+
      hours on a Greyhound bus only to turn around again & travel home the
      same night. I was really touched by all of the support.
      I think (keep your fingers crossed.....) we turned out a kick butt
      album from it!

      We're getting ready to go on our National Xmas tour & working hard on
      our next studio

      ***Listen for us on the radio-our Oreo Jingle is everywhere

      I posted the set list from the Vocal Chords show below for anyone who
      wants to see it
      Hallelujah off of Ear Candy got some airplay on the show-it has the
      number to call or
      email & request your favorite a cappella tunes as well the address
      to listen to it streaming

      Please send an email to: booking@...

      Thanks for listening!

      Vocal Chords� is the weekly a cappella and vocal music show from
      90.3 KRNU
      at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, heard Friday mornings at 8
      central time (GMT -06:00), and also in streaming audio on the
      station's web
      site: http://krnu.unl.edu

      The show's e-mail address is vocalchords2@....

      Got music you'd like included in the show? See the contact
      information at the bottom of this posting.

      Playlist for November 4, 2005:


      The Liberty Voices - The National Anthem - A Cappella Americana
      The King's Singers - You Are The New Day - New Day
      Opening Themes: Boyz Nite Out - BHX - Director’s Cut;
      The Bobs - 47 Reasons - Plugged
      The House Jacks - Conversations - Fitchy & Grikko
      UNL Varsity Men's Chorus - Hosanna - 2004 Fall Sampler
      Bobby McFerrin - Theme from The Pink Panther - "Son Of The Pink
      Tufts Beelzebubs - Shining Star - Code Red
      Artisan - Hammer Ghost - Breathing Space
      The Hyannis Sound - Thriller - Cape Standard Time
      The Blenders - Don't Worry, Be Happy - From The Mouth
      The Swingle Singers - Star Of The County Down - Around The World
      Acoustix - The Nearness Of You - Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
      Euphorics - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Standing Up For Love
      Ac*Rock - Things We Said Today - UR What UR
      InsideOut - Cruel Kindness - Experience
      Basil Poledouris & Singers - Hymn To Red October - The Hunt For Red
      spiralmouth - Even Though - spiralmouth
      Martin Carbow - A Heart In New York - A Cappella & More
      Street Sounds - If You Miss Me From The Back Of The Bus/Sister Rosa -
      Street Sounds
      Sweet Honey In The Rock - The Women Gather - The Women Gather
      Five Live - Piaf Medley - Take Two
      The Exboyfriends - Love Song - Karaoke Bar Brawl
      Blue Jupiter - Hallelujah - Ear Candy
      KU Men's Glee Club - I'm A Jayhawk - Songs Of Old KU
      measureXmeasure - Somewhere Over The Rainbow - We're Back
      KU Men's Glee Club - Rock Chalk Chant - Songs Of Old KU
      UNL Varsity Men's Chorus - Dear Old Nebraska U/Hail Varsity - Pride
      UNL Varsity Men's Chorus - Cornhusker (Come A Runnin' Boys) - Pride
      Inner Voices - Where Am I Going - Prairie Jazz
      The Stanford Harmonics - Sadder Day - Rock Beats Scissors
      The Real Group - Commonly unique - Commonly Unique
      The Bobs - The Boxer - 20 Songs 20 Years

      Thanks to all the artists, performers, promoters, a cappella catalogs
      listeners (on the air and on the web!) who make the show happen each
      Please feel free to contact me with suggestions, comments, and

      And if you have a CD you'd like me to include on the show, please
      send it
      along! I'd also appreciate press kits, concert schedules, and
      contact/ordering information. My address:

      Rick Alloway
      Vocal Chords
      90.3 KRNU
      147 Andersen Hall
      University of Nebraska
      Lincoln, NE 68588-0466

      Phone: (402) 472-6856
      FAX: (402) 472-8403

      vocalchords2@... - or -

      Streaming audio available at http://krnu.unl.edu
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