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moosebutter: udder won!!!!! and other news.

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  • Tim
    June 25 2005 This edition of MOOSEBYTES (this months unofficial and utterly lame newsletter name) contains information about 1) THE NEW CD!!!!!  2) New
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2005
      June 25 2005
      This edition of MOOSEBYTES (this months unofficial and utterly lame newsletter
      name) contains information about
      1) THE NEW CD!!!!!  2) New T-shirt sizes 3) Summer shows 4) Investors 5) Free
      song download news 6) Important film update 7) farewell
      (read below for details)

      1) THE NEW CD!!!!!

      First, mucho thanks for all of you who have waited patiently (or not) for the
      new CD.  Your support of see dee and our shows have allowed us to finally
      produce another album, so we proudly announce:

      moosebutter: udder won

      Available for pre-order NOW on our website or through mail.  Or if you happen to
      see one of us on the street but would you LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY?!??!!?  CD will
      be available at all our upcoming shows – beginning July 1st!!!!

      What is on the blasted cd, you query intensely?  udder won contains fan
      favorites like The Valentine’s Day Song, Doug, Harry Potter, and Witch Doctor.
      There are also brand new songs that you will soon grow to love like Uncle Earl’s
      Hairpiece, Still the Shortest, Rubber Monkey, Jon Boy Jon, Hicksville and I Hate
      Mosquitos.  There are also some short little sparkling nuggets, that you’ll kind
      of forget about after a month or so, and at least one song that will irritate
      you to no end and that you’ll never be able to get out of your head.

      It’s a bunch more great vintage wacky moosebutter music!  And it’s on sale NOW
      NOW NOW NOW NOW.  Now already.  Website or at shows.  Now.
      By the way the first pre-sale was to a cool guy at last week’s Springdale, UT
      show who didn’t leave his name but did leave his email address which we won’t
      print here.

      2) New T-shirt sizes.

      We now have children’s T-shirt sizes in black and white.  Also available on the
      website or at shows.  Also all sizes are back in stock, if you haven’t had
      yours mailed to you yet it will come within the next week.

      3) Summer shows

       Summertime shows are here, so pull out your camcorders, dust off your tape
      recorders, and dig out your wax cylinder etching machine and come record our
      shows!  That’s right, we encourage you to bootleg our concerts and pass the
      copies around.  All we ask is that you send us a copy of your recording!  Also
      be courteous with your equipment and don’t crush any native animal life with
      heavy equipment.

      So when are you going to come see us?  Choose from the following dates (all show
      details at www.moosebutter.com):

      July 1 Fri 8 pm America’s Freedom Festival at Provo, UT Arts Festival Main Stage
      July 4 Mon 1 pm America’s Freedom Festival at Provo, UT Arts Festival Children’s
      July 11 Mon 7:30 pm Utah Cultural Celebration Center West Valley City, UT
      August 19 Fri Vernal, UT
      Sept 5 Mon St. George, UT
      Oct 27-29 Denver and Boulder, CO

      4) Investors

      moosebutter has projects upcoming where we are in need of money from investors
      and donors.  If you are interested, contact Weston at weston@... or
      (801) 318-6190.

      5) Download news

      Thanks to all of you who took advantage of our free music downloads over the
      past month.  During the time near the release of Episode III, Star Wars was
      downloaded almost 5,000 times.  Harry Potter has been downloaded over 3,000
      times, and the British version of HP over 1,000 times.  Thank you for helping
      to spread our music around!  The free downloads will be gone for a while as we
      get the new cd rolling.  However, we’ve been compiling live tracks, improv
      requests, and other goodies that just might end up on the downloads section
      sometime… so stay tuned.

      6) Important film update

      I watched Nausicaa in the Valley of the Wind last night.  Cool movie.

      7) farewell

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